EPCOT Group 1 and 2 FPPs

I’m looking at the TP options for FPPs at EPCOT. There used to be a list of which attractions were in which group. Also, it used to be that you could only get 1 FPP from group 1 and 2 from group 2. Have things changed that much? Or is the plan just allowing you to add in FPP for attractions once you’ve used yours up?

Also, let’s get real. What are the odds of getting a Soarin’ or Frozen FPP day of? Or even a TT?

Has Mission Space gone back to being group 2? Is there anywhere where an official list can be found?

I think this will anser your questions…


I’m guessing day-of FPPs for FEA are probably not going to happen - at least not for a long while. There have been reports of some people getting day-of for Soarin’. Haven’t heard anything about TT.

Thanks so much. Not sure why I didn’t think of searching that up, myself. It was late. Yeah, that’s my excuse.

We were at Epcot 4 times between 6/25 and 7/1. Believe it or not, we were pretty lucky at getting 2nd FP’s for Soarin’! Of course, my poor son was on MDE constantly! If you want extra FP’s, you have to be persistent. It also depends on what time of day you finish your initial 3 pre-selected FP’s. Our advice: Keep trying for all your favorites, and when you see something, grab it quickly before it disappears! Peoples’ plans change.

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That’s surprising, Poohfanclub, given that it’s so new. But it gives me hope. Thanks.

The addition of the 3rd Soarin theater has really helped with the lines and FPP availability.

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Good point, bswan26.