Epcot FW no FPP this plan is too good to be true

Hi Everyone,
New to this site and I am loving the personalized TP’s
Been to the world many times but last visit was 2011 so we kind of know what we want to visit.
2 Adults and a 16 yo
When working on my Epcot morning I got this beautiful plan and it does seem too good to be true I was planning on using CL FPP for Epcot to avoid the tiers but according to this plan…I would not need to use any FP and could be on my way out by noon?
Date is Wed 8/7 and CL is showing a 4 (also too good to be true)

Advice from you Liners veterans would be so appreciated


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The only time I really question is that 2nd Soarin time. Of course, anything could happen with TT.

We went to FEA right before 11 at the beginning of October and that wait was about what is projected.

I would try running it again on a higher crowd level- find another Wednesday that is otherwise the same but has a CL of 7 and see what happens. That 35 minute wait to me is very borderline and could easily go higher. There is also the issue of the second Soarin’ that @PrincipalTinker mentioned. I’d also consult other crowd calendars such as Kenny the Pirate to get feel for if the CL is likely to be higher.

Are you park hopping elsewhere where you plan to use more FPs? If so, I’d at least use one CLFP on TT (maybe on on Soarin’) and save the others for later in the day.

I’m very crowd-averse and would rather err on the side of not needing the CLFP I bought, rather than needing them and not having them.

Are you skipping the CL FPs this day?

@PrincipalTinker I was planning on using the CL fp (to avoid the tier restrictions) but based on that TP it doesnt appear I need to and can save them for another day/park/ We have 5 day hoppers but am only buying 3 days worth of CL so am trying to figure out best use

I rarely use FPs at EP so I really cannot argue with your logic.

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I have noticed the same about not needing fp for epcot, especially since you can do single rider at test track. I’m kind of surprised that Spaceship Earth is scheduled to be first though. I would have thought it would have been the 3 top tiered rides.

No SE isn’t tier one, it’s just Test Track, Soarin’ and FEA. My plans sometimes put it first too which is interesting - although most of the time I’m doing the ropedrop tactic of hitting up FEA or Soarin’ with a Test Track fastpass.
OP, if you’re not saving the FPPs for another park Test Track is often worth an early one as it’s 40% morning breakdown rate means it converts very often into an anytime pass.