Epcot FP+ order help

I just want to double check I’m understanding this correctly…

For Epcot, I currently have FEA FP+ booked. I’m hoping to try to get a same-day Soarin’ FP+ after I use it. In order to do this I would need to use both my Tier 2 FP+ before Soarin’ would become available? Even if I only pre-booked 1 FP+?

The reason I ask is because I hadn’t planned on making any Tier 2 FP+, I really try to keep the planning to a minimum for our Epcot days because it works better for us. But I will definitely do it if it’s the only way to get another Tier 1 fastpass.

Also for our second Epcot day, I have a Test Track FP+ scheduled. I am pretty sure we are going to be parkhopping to another park after that morning - I should be able to make another FP in a different park immediately after using that FP+ right? Even another tier one?

Thank you so much!

Yes to your Epcot question. You will need to use 2 tier 2 FPs before being able to book Soarin. No way round that. If you don’t want to ride, then at least tap in. Personally, I would not rely on them expiring, that may cause problems.

When park hopping, then yes you can immediately book your second and third FP in another park. You’ll need to obey tiering rules within the second park, but one of them can be a tier 1 (like TSMM or Navii).


I think the widely reported expiration rule is that if your tier 2 is before your tier 1, it will automatically expire. If it is after your tier 1 you will need to tap in for it or if you miss it, reschedule it and then tap in for the reschedule.

Our Mission Space FP’s expired without tap in when we had our Tier 1’s later in the day (some had TT, some had Soarin’).


I was hoping you’d come by to explain this @Nickysyme !

We have the exact same issue as the OP. I had planned to make FP in this order- Soarin’, Living with the Land, The Seas with Nemo all back-to-back starting at 9 am.

I will use the Soarin’ FP at the end of its window, then go over and tap in for Living with the Land.

Then I had planned to modify the time on Nemo until the window is very close (luckily there’s a place to sit & A.C. in The Land Pavilion) :wink:

We would then head on down to The Seas Pavilion which DS20 really loves (so it’s not our of our way) and tap in there. Now I can look for a second Soarin.

This should work, right?


Yep. That should definitely work.


I hope that reply was for me, thank you! I haven’t been back since they mucked about with this.

It was. I don’t think anything you’re doing has any significant probability of failure.

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Thank you guys for the help, I really appreciate it, I would never be able to plan the trip without all the help I’ve gotten from lurking here.

I think I’ll end up making one of the Tier 2s before Frozen then one after & using them both. Too nervous about letting them expire and counting on the system to erase them for me.