EPCOT Food & Wine Festival to start July 15th running thru November 20th

So this runs for over four months, Flower and Garden Festival runs for over four months, Festival of the Arts and Holiday Festival each run for about a month and a half each. The only time there is not a festival is the week or two in between when they are changing the signs.

When will WDW introduce the EPCOT Festival of the Sign Changing?


Oh, you mean the dates of my trip (7/5 - 7/14).


Now that’s planning! :crazy_face::wink::grinning:


Ha-ha. I am pretty sure the week we go in February will be the week between Farts and F&G, Fingers crossed we hit one or the other though!

@kerrilux - that is a bummer that you will miss a festival!!! :cry:

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We should be there for F&G next year so that makes me feel a little better.

I hope your dates work out!