Epcot Food and Wine Festival - Best/Worst Times?

I’m planning an adults-only trip for the Food and Wine Festival this Fall. I’m not worried about getting reservations in time for ADRs because none of the group has their heart sent on any particular places, so we’ll go with what’s available once we get our plans together.

My question is: has anyone ever gone the last weekend of F&W? Looking at the dates, that weekend works best for my schedule, but I’m worried that the last weekend might be…I don’t know…less, somehow? Or am I being ridiculous because Disney goes all out for everything, right up to the last minute of the festival?

I’d love any insight into _when _ during Food and Wine is best to go. Thanks!

That is Veteran’s Day weekend…and I believe the tail end (or maybe beginning end) of Jersey Week…so I’d expect it to be CROWDED for sure.

I would not expect the food items to disappoint but weekend crowds…go early!

We went to F&WF on the last weekend this past November and it was no different from any of the other days. :slight_smile: Crowds will be more affected by other things than the fact it’s the last weekend of F&WF.

We were there during one of the food and wine festival weekends. By slightly after noon, crowds were so bad we could hardly move. (That is not an exaggeration.)

We were not there for the festival, just trying to see World Showcase. We ultimately abandoned WS and left by about 2:00.

I say this just to warn you to put your patient hat on (as we would tell our kids). Crowds aren’t just bad, but horrendous. Future World will be practically empty, though. :slight_smile: Regardless, start early. By noon, crowds start pouring in.

Thank you all for your input! I should have clarified that I plan to make a long weekend out of it, to minimize the days off work, but only plan to go to World Showcase on the weekdays. We’ll stick to Future World or the other parks on the weekend days. :slight_smile: