Epcot Food and Wine Festival 2022 Discussion Needed

So…headed down in early Nov. to relive what pre-pandemic was my favorite time to visit, and there is a big chunk of my trip that’s just missing. What happened to all the events associated with F&W? -like party for the senses, special tastings, cooking classes, etc. We have done some great ones in the past and this year there is just …nothing? So Food and Wine festival is now just a different menu to all the kiosks, and that’s about it? Someone please tell me how horribly mistaken I am.

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DFB has a page with links to many F&W things, including Eat to the Beat concerts, seminars and low-cost demonstrations.

Yeah I read their blog and everything is tbd. So, nothing…… now WDW offers a changing of the kiosk menu as a “festival!” I’ll still have a great time but hard to believe all of those awesome events (many that we happily payed extra for) just went poooof and disappeared.