Epcot - first day, stuck on fast passes

I am a bit stuck on our first epcot day and what fast passes to go for. I think Soring and Meet Mickey are the same tier???


2 adults and a 2yr old…

If you rope drop one, you can fast pass the other one.

Although it seems logical, I wouldn’t ride Spaceship Earth at opening. You can use a fast pass for that later in the day, as the last attraction on your way out.

Oh that’s a good idea to do spaceship on the way out

I prefer it. There’s something about immediately getting into a queue and possibly having to wait 20 minutes for a slow moving ride that starts the day off with a weird feeling. Not that you may not have to wait for a bit at Soarin’, but you’ve got the excitement of hightailing it to the Land pavilion to get the blood pumping.

Is your 2 year old pretty tall? Soarin’ has a height restriction of 40".

Never mind, I just looked at your plan and see you’re planning to rider swap.

Made some changes and think this one is an improvement


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Done the other Epcot days, here they are together

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Again as per my other park plans, day 3 is very fluid and will change depending on how the previous 2 days go. Aware there is no food/breaks…,

Welcome any more input!