Epcot fireworks cruise times with new show

Hello all! Have a strange situation.

Several months back we booked an Epcot fireworks cruise for mid November. The person who took our reservation told us that the boat boards at 7:45 and heads out at 8:00, cruises around for a bit, and then stops so we can watch the show, and then it returns to the dock at around 9:30. That made sense to me since Illuminations usually started at 9:00.

However, the new Epcot Forever show starts at 10:00 PM the day of the cruise. I just called to confirm the reservation and the person said the boat still leaves at 8, and told me that if the departure time had changed, they would call us. Does this sound odd? That either puts us on a boat for over 2 hours, which seems excessive, or has us cruising around until 9:30, in which case we wouldn’t see Epcot Forever from the water. Or maybe it’s not a “fireworks” cruise anymore. :frowning:

Any suggestions? I am going to try to call back in a few days and ask again.