Epcot Festival of Arts

Looking for opinions on The Festival of Arts! We will be there on the last day of the festival, most likely in the afternoon only. We will have two adults and two toddlers.

  1. I have a reservation at Coral Reef for dinner, but the food stalls looks pretty intriguing. If you had a choice, would you do Coral Reef or walk around the food stalls for dinner? If we do the food stalls, is there enough space around them to be able to sit/stand and enjoy the food?

  2. Anyone know if the festival is only open with World Showcase, or is it open with park hours? That may change our morning plans.

  3. Any thoughts on visiting the artist stalls? I think it would be fun to try to find a unique souvenir from one of the artists. Are they spread throughout EPCOT and manned all day?

  4. Any other comments about the Festival are appreciated! :sparkles:

Personally I would go for the food booths over any TS. But the best thing would be for you to check out the information at Disney Food Blog about what is available. That should give you a better idea of what will work for your family. It can be difficult to find a place to eat but we would usually find a place then one of us would go collect food from nearby booths. We found that sharing 4-6items made a meal for us.

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Thanks, that helps! I haven’t been to Epcot in years, and not during a festival, so I’m having trouble wrapping my head around how it works. The menus look really tempting, so I think we may cancel CR and just hit any place that sounds good as we walk.

Another suggestion is to bring a couple of small plastic trays. We bought these at Food & Wine but you can get plain trays (like cafeteria trays but smaller) at many places. It makes it a lot easier to carry several food items back to whatever eating location you have staked out. Of course these hold your wine or beer securely while navigating a crowd. :blush:

That’s a great tip!! Part of the reason I was hesitant was picturing juggling a little plate of expensive food with drinks and a stroller :joy:. Bringing a little tray would be totally worth it.

The food studios open at 11:00am with World Showcase. I would definitely eat around the world.

Thank you! It sounds so fun and after looking at the menus, I think we will be walking the world for dinner!

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Here was our lunch from the festival stalls. Definitely recommend doing this. There are high top tables placed around the numerous stalls around WS where you can stand and eat, then move on to the next. It’s easier to “graze” than find a bunch of things and sit down for a single meal with these dishes.


The plates at the arts festival were really sturdy I thought. My daughter wouldn’t have liked too much besides a dessert maybe. The food is more “foodie” than the other festivals. Give the kids a couple of those paintbrush churros ( that was the longest line)
and another snack and they’ll be fine though!

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That all looks amazing! I can’t wait to dig in! Thanks for sharing.

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That’s what I’m thinking too, which is another reason to skip Coral Reef for the festival - my kids tend to not eat all of their meals, so ‘snacking’ around the world will be more their speed :wink:

Here’s what I enjoyed about the festival…I went the first year, so I’m not sure what has changed (also, it was just my mom and me…no young ones):

  1. Walking around to all the different photo spots…you can put yourself into famous paintings.
  2. The food…some of it is a bit fancy, but there are plenty of desserts and things that the kids would snack on. I usually had to wander around to find an open high top table, but people were alwyas willing to share.
  3. The booths are nice, mostly artwork though…I found myself flipping through piles of really lovely prints…but that might get boring for the kids.
  4. The Broadway Concert Series was so fun for my mom and I. They just sing a bunch of Disney on Broadway hits. I think they do a few times each night, so you could go early and sneak out if the kids don’t love it.
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That all sounds right up my alley! I’d love to find a great print, so I’ll have to bring something to keep the kids occupied while we browse. Thanks for your take!

There’s a great playground for the kids with nice chairs for the grownups on the other side of mousegears. My daughter is 8 but we still love visiting that during the festival. Have a drink, let the kids play. Everyone’s happy.

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Perfect! I didn’t know about the playground, thank you!