Epcot F&W crowds on weekend?

We’re going to F&W For the first time. I know it’s recommended to avoid weekends, but it’s a short trip so we can’t really go on a weekday. Is Sunday any less crowded than Saturday? Planned to go Sunday sept 28th because we thought it might be less crowded, but might switch our days and go Sat so we can ride Maelstrom one last time… Will the park be mobbed??

Hey! What dies the crowd cal say for your day? And, any day at FW is better than no days so do what’s possible.

Hmmm. It has Saturday as a 6 and Sunday as a 2. Ouch!

Seems like we have an answer to your question. :slight_smile:

Is that Sat the last day of Maelstrom? Haven’t been on an attraction on closing day but betting it’s nuts!

We did F&W over Columbus Wknd (busy time) and had no issues at 11 when the booths opened (probably good for 1.5 hours.). That’s when we got the bulk of our eating done!

Betting the same is true for the last hour or so. But, that’s kinda late for dinner (at least for us).

I’ve read that doing World Showcase early in the day - starting right when they open at 11 - makes a huge difference. The weekend crowds supposedly build in the afternoons and evenings. I’m sure you can make either day work if you go in with a plan and keep your expectations reasonable.

The TP blog did a great post on this. Here’s the link.