Epcot F&G, Chase VIP Lounge, AP Perk

I’ve been looking on line so I don’t see any info, but just want to verify…

  1. Is there a Chase VIP Lounge available at Flower and Garden 2017?

  2. If there is a Chase VIP Lounge, are they giving away wristbands for the concerts?

  3. Is there a special passholder gift this year (posters, glasses, etc) like in past years for other festivals?


Chase sponsors the Food & Wine festival. They do not sponsor the Flower & Garden festival, so unfortunately there are no Chase lounges or perks at F&G.

Is the Chase VIP open year 'round or just during F&W?

The space is not necessarily a dedicated Chase lounge. They use an existing room in the American Epcot pavilion and designate it as the Chase Lounge only during F&W. I believe the space gets used for other events during the rest of the year, but not as a Chase lounge.

The Disney Visa (a Chase card) meet and greet is open year round though!

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Thanks for confirming what I bought was the case. :slight_smile: