Epcot evening arrival strategy

We arrive for our trip on Saturday April 20 at MCO at 12:40 if all goes well. By the time we take DME to Pop and get settled in our room then bus to EP it will likely be 4-5pm. What’s our best strategy for FPP that day, which is a CL 8. We do have a full day on 4/22 planned for EP including FEA dessert party so we dont have to pack it all in. Thanks!

Hard to say…but I’d be more inclined to do WS first (unless you happen upon a line that is short). With time limited, even though you may have to deal with a lot of people in WS, you don’t have lines to contend with as much. You can take in the sights, etc.

On your way out, as evening moves closer to night, you might find some lines shortening and can get in a ride or two as well.

I will be in a similar situation time wise for my evening Epcot visit on my arrival day. I am planning to schedule a 5 pm FP, a 6 PM FP and a 7 PM FP in Future World. (with the 7 pm one being a Tier 1 in case we arrive late and miss a FP or 2). I will then try to book a another Tier 1 for my full day at Epcot so this way I can knock off 2 of the Tier 1’s. I like Future Word better for this situation because the bus will drop you off closer to Future Word so planning to spend a few hours in Future World saves some walking on arrival day.

Oh, duh. I didn’t think about FPs. :slight_smile:

I’d pick out a nice dinner ADR - lots of great choices at Epcot (or nearby hotels) - our faves are Le Cellier, Garden Grill, Germany or Yachtsman, but there are tons of nice dining experiences available inside or just outside.

For FP+, pick your favorite headliner of TT, Soarin’ or Frozen and be sure to get that. For us it would be Soarin’, but YMMV. I’d then FP Spaceship Earth and whatever secondary ride is a family fave - I’d likely choose either Living with the Land or The 3 Cabelleros at Mexico. I’d schedule those around your ADR and then enjoy a slow immersion into WDW and not feel rushed as you know you’ll be back to catch whatever you miss that’s important on your full day at Epcot…

Thanks for the input, we’re on QS DDP so no ADRs that first day. My wife mentioned the Kringla bakery as a place she must try so that may go in the list. Would FPP for SSE at 5:00, MS at 6:00 and Soarin at 7:00 make sense?

Just make sure you haven’t eaten before riding! :slight_smile:

I think that timing is fairly good - SSE is the first ride you get to so having it close to your arrival time is most logical. Soarin’ last also makes sense as if you arrive later than expected for whatever reason you’re not going to miss out on your scheduled headliner…

Lol that’s the plan, hopefully go there right before eating.