Epcot- eat around the world or Biergarten?

Hi! I’m looking for some help with our Epcot touring plan. Originally, we’d hoped to do one main meal at Biergarten then eat/snack around the world for the other “meal.” Logistically, I’m having trouble figuring out how to plan that and still get to all the rides, character meets, entertainment, etc we’d like to see as well. And realistically, I know we probably would pass out in a food coma with that amount of food!

With a husband, 13 and 11 year old adventurous eaters, and 7 year old picky eater in tow, would we be better off getting a meal and dessert to share in each country as we walk around/watch entertainers. Or would Biergarten be a better once off experience (knowing we probably wouldn’t get our money’s worth with the youngest). Would Sommerfest at least give us a small taste of what Biergarten is like? The reviews are so mixed. I feel like I’m leaning towards eating around the world, but giving up Biergarten is disappointing as I was so looking forward to it!

BG is my favorite EP restaurant. Sommerfest is basically nothing more than brats, beer, and one or two sides; really no comparison. It’s grest for a grab and go wurst but nothing really special.

Are you going during a festival (F&G, Fest of the Arts, or F&W)? If not, then I wouldn’t plan to have something to eat in every country. I don’t even think a professional competitive eater could do it.

If you are going during a festival, I would visit Disney Food Blog’s website and utilize the lists they have for the events. Each booth is listed with what is offered. We did this for F&W and got to try all but 1 item out of about 12 that were must eats.

So, assuming you are not going during a festival, I would keep Biergarten. It’s fun and the food is good. Then, you may each want a snack from another country, but don’t be concerned if that one meal is enough for the whole day!

My kids love Biergarten, and so do I. I think your youngest will find enough to eat on the buffet. They have kid basics like mac & cheese from what I remember.

I would think the buffet choices at Biergarten should offer something for even the pickiest of eaters. All the kids basics are there plus the option to try a variety of sausages etc. Unless your picky eater specializes in pizza only or something Biergarten should work well. Plus with it being a buffet they can hit the mac & cheese or chicken fingers as much as they want…

I guess I should rephrase from “picky eater” to “eats like a bird.” She typically has three bites of food and then done! Thank you for all your help! I will rearrange our plan to try and include Biergarten for a late lunch so we can still ensure getting some amazing snacks rather than meals along the way. We aren’t doing a festival, but I don’t think I’d be able to walk past France without one of those treats (or Japan, or Norway, or a margarita at La Cava, argh! I think I have a problem!).


Hoi, Hoi, Hoi. I love Germany but It isn’t very hard to score a reservation there. I have seen a number of walk-ups but don’t count on them at a particular time.