Epcot early June crowd calendar confustion

I’m looking at the crowd calendar for the first full week in June, trying to decide what day will be the least crowded. With a new ride opening, every day will be crowded, but I still want to try to pick the best day. The crowd calendar is confusing the heck out of me. It has Sunday as a 5, Monday as a 5 and Tuesday as a 9??? I would expect the weekend to be busier with the festival still going on and the Monday is evening extra hours…why on earth is Tuesday the 7th so high? Am I missing something?

I wouldnt completely trust the crowd calendars right now…I just dont think they have enough data to predict levels they way they used too. However, I have noticed that the wait times and levels have been lower on the weekends recently. Way different then in past years. There was a post somehwere that had charts from thrill data? Maybe someone else xan chime in. Gave best days of the week to visit each park. They would also agree that the weekends are a bit better. :woman_shrugging: