Epcot Dining

We are traveling to Disney during the week of Father’s Day and planned to spend Father’s day at Epcot. We made reservations at Chef Mickey, and wanted to go eat and head back to Epcot for Illumiations, but I got some responses regarding the time constraints with getting to CM for 6pm dinner, eating, and getting back to Epcot by 9. So, I made reservations at CM for the day we are going to AK and wanted to try to find a different place at Epcot that we could eat for Father’s Day. — I know Akershus is an option, but I wanted to get some different recommendations of a nice place to go. Any suggestions?
Also, I see mixed reviews about Akershus, what does everyone think? Worth the money or not? – I have tweens in my group. 2 girls, 1 boy, so no little kids crazy about the princesses (except for ME, of course…lol)

Biergarten? Just making this recommendation based on your CM plans - buffet, celebratory, not quiet.

There are a million great places to eat at Epcot. Would need more information to give you a good suggestion.

I like the character meals since it’s our first time at Disney. I know Akershus is like $55 per person, and since we are doing CM, I’m not sure if we NEED to do another character meal. I’d like something maybe a bit cheaper, but still nice. Sit down. A/C. Decent variety of food choices. Maybe not anything too “country specific” since that doesn’t leave as many options and the kids may not go for it. Although Italian may be okay since they all seem to like that.

Without small children, I would not do Akershus. There are so many great restaurants in Epcot, all of which would be a better choice in the food department. Via Napoli is one of our favorites, my 13 and 15 year olds insist on it every trip. It is quite a bit cheaper than Akershus as well. I would choose just about any other country, well maybe not Biergarten if you don’t want a really country specific meal. My kids loved character meals when they were younger, but now refuse to do more than one per trip. I’d save money and go to Via Napoli.

I saw Via Napoli and I am all for it. I actually just asked for opinions on Coral Reef. I saw bad reviews, but don’t know how old those are.

I see many people saying they love Coral Reef. I ate there as a teen many years ago and liked it. The giant aquarium would be fun to watch while eating, as long as you all are seafood lovers.

It might be a challenge to find food that isn’t country specific in World Showcase.

Akershus - once our DD6 is out of this phase, we won’t go there anymore.

Spice Road Table - we really enjoyed - although that might be too ethnic for your group.

In future world:

Electric Umbrella has AC. It is quick service though.

Coral Reef was delicious. I would eat there again.

Garden Grille menu might be what you are looking for. I have not yet eaten there but I hear it comes highly recommended.

We have three kids and two young girls so for us Akers is worth the $ of not standing in lines to meet all the princesses, but if it were not for that it would not be worth the money. The cold apps bar is ok and the entrees are good, but not that good.

We really like Beirgarten as well. It is a fun atmosphere and food is good. We were able to find food the kids liked there as well.

This next trip we are eating at GG for the characters and good homestyle food. We also have an 8:30 pm adr for la hacienda. It is pretty good but mainly doing that for the nice seats to watch Illuminations. Also most of the restaurants have kids menus that are very accommodating. So if you see a menu the adults would like they more than likely have stuff for the kids as well.

We were in WDW from 12/17 to 12/28 - We did Askershus for breakfast - it was so so but did get us in the park early and we came right out and road FEA. Biergarten was ok but not one we plan on doing again. Chefs de France - we were very disappointed and rushed. Rose & Crown dining room - loved it and food was very good. Monsieur Paul - Best in Epcot. There is the Garden Grill that I’ve heard good things about for a character meal. You also might consider going to one of the resorts near by as they have dining that would not be as crazy as in the parks. We at at the Yachtsman Steakhouse and it was great. These are all in OHO

Coral Reef has the distinction of being what might be the most inconsistent restaurant in WDW. Personally I’ve always had good food and good service (and I’m a pretty demanding “foodie”). SOme folks agree with me while others have said it was their worst meal in WDW. And it’s been this way for years. The menu is a roughly 50/50 split between seafood and non seafood, but the number of selections is relatively small so I would definitely check it out first.

I personally have no interest in CMs, and being surrounded by dozens of 8 year old girls all on sugar highs meeting princesses would make me so tense I probably couldn’t eat any of the crazy-overpriced food. No Akershus for me. For your group the two I would most highly recommend are Biergarten and Via Napoli. BG is a large AYCE buffet with many choices and fun entertainment. VN has outstanding Pizza and can be one of the more economical TSs in EP.