Epcot dining day

For my day in epcot I had a teppan edo lunch and a coral reef dinner planned. Now I’m looking at Biergarten and it looks pretty cool. thinking about dropping TE for biergarten, seems like a little more fun

Biergarten is a lot of fun, it was DS11’s favourite. We haven’t done TE though so I can’t compare.

i’m really leaning in that direction, we can do teppanyaki in Fresno!

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I have been to both and I would skip the Coral Reef and do Biergaten. Corel Reef has always been expensive for what you get but now their menu is not so hot. The only good thing about Corel Reef is the view if and I mean if, you happen to score a window seat into the aquarium. That may make it worth it for you but then again you can see the aquarium without eating at the Corel Reef. Teppan Edo is a lot of fun and good food as well.

I’m tempted to but I think my 8 year old son is gonna like coral reef. We have done Teppan style here in town. Truthfully we are Disneyland veterans and we never put this much thought into dining. Ughh. But I want to make some good memory’s and enjoy the experiences.

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OK, truthfully your right there are places like Teppan Edo all over and they are really not a kids thing so much as adults. Now Chief Mickey’s might be a place to consider as the Disney Characters come to each table to allow for photo ops. Either way you know your family better than I. Remember you can tour the whole aquarium without eating at the restaurant but if you have it in your lineup then go for it as your heart is apparently set on this restaurant. It’s not that they are bad, they just aren’t what they used to be. Have a Magical trip.

We tried Biergarten for the first time on our last trip. My kids loved it, and overall, it was one of our favorites of the trip. Kids get to go out and dance. The show was really good and food was good too. We haven’t been to Teppan Edo or Coral Reef so can’t compare them.

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I think now that you’ve mentioned that we can walk through the aquariums anyway I might have to give it some thought. I did look at the menu and nothing really jumped out at me.

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We’ve skipped Teppan for many yrs now, since we now have so many great Japanese places locally.

Coral Reef was worth going for us, just cool to sit by the aquarium. Unfortunately we had to sit at second tier b/c fam of 5. the kiddos liked it, tho weren’t wowed or anything. Food was ok, but expensive for not being a wow factor. Glad we went, tho, always planned to check that one out.

People love Biergarten, for the fun & the food. We’ve not been b/c most of fam either vegetarians, or close to it. Sounds like a great choice otherwise.

One thing I would note, is that seems a lot of food to me, to go to Biergarten & CR on the same day. If I did that, I guess I’d just order a light meal, maybe just a salad & dessert at dinner. Or I’d switch Coral R to lunchtime, Biergarten dinner- it’s a big buffet, so a lot more food there.

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I did go there with a veggie and she found plenty to eat. (Granted, she is a “chill” one who is all about “live and let live” - if the veggies in your group are the type to lecture or sigh and look sadly at the meat others eat, I could understand skipping it.)

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I know, @lizzie- I have heard that before about Biergarten. But unfortunately 2 of us vegetarians are also a bit lactose intolerant & one of us can’t have eggs- so I guess you could say we’re almost vegan, not much for us there.

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I should add: Disney dining has been fabulous for us “almost vegans” & keeps getting better over the years. So we really enjoy going to almost all the restaurants there, including some of the CS ones.

Now I’m considering dropping coral reef. Since we can walk through the aquarium anyways. Could always do quick service for dinner. Ahh. Decisions decisions. Any other fun suggestions?

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I always gravitate to the Tangierine in Morocco for CS, it’s such a cool setting & I like the food. A couple of children’s selections should work for your fam I think. That said, there are very few seatings indoors there, so I do avoid it if a very hot day (esp during lunchtime) or if too cold or raining.

We seem to land at the Land pavilion- pun intended- we land there a lot, b/c we seem to be there around meal times quite often. If I had my druthers, I would take a walk instead over to France (great menu at their CS) but fam often hungry as we go haha.

Huge selection @Sunshine tho, and the food is good. I just like a more serene settng for a meal, a little too chaotic there IMO.

Katsura Grill in Japan is a cool setting, nice garden there. Not much (if anything) for picky kiddos tho, incl my grands, I believe those grands exist on mac& cheese and yogurt.

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We had dinner at Biergarten on our trip and it was pretty tasty – it far exceeded my expectations for a buffet meal. The potato salads were tasty, the pretzel rolls were delish, the schnitzel was really well done… I’d definitely recommend it!

I was so excited to try Coral Reef on our last trip and I was not impressed. The view was neat but the food and desserts were not that great. Just my opinion :slight_smile:

Ate at Biergarten two weeks ago and it was very good. It’s fun for the kids if they are brave enough to get out on the dance floor. The grapefruit hefe is awesome if you’re a beer drinker. Highly recommend it.