Epcot - Destinations Tour

Has anyone done in Epcot Destinations tour around world showcase? I’m interested in any feedback on it.

For my next visit, at Christmas, World Showcase is at the top of my list. Last time I explored Mexico, China and UK in depth. We’re going to go to Germany and Italy for “holidays around the world” mainly because I think Germany will be amazing at that time, and Italy is right next door!

I don’t think I’ve ever explored USA, other than walk through it, or Morocco. I really want to see those plus Japan and France, the Canadian gardens round the back which I never knew were there, and the Norwegian Stave Church, cos I didn’t realise last time I could go in. I just kind of wandered around Norway on my way through to China.

My first thought was the tour, but I reckon it must be 20 minutes per country plus lunch. Not really time to explore, rather than get some interesting info. I’m setting aside an afternoon of 5 hrs or so to cover the countries above. Now wondering if the tour is worth doing as well; if so, before or after my afternoon.

Any info, thoughts? Thanks.

In December, myself and GF are going to WDW from 12/17 - 12/27. We are going to spend 2 full days in Epcot and a 3rd day we are going doing rides at MK in the morning and then go to Epcot at 12:30 and spend the rest of the day in Epcot.

12/20 - Epcot all day. Future world from opening til 11:15. and then 4 countries.
1st - France - snack at Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie and check out the country.
2nd - Italy - Lunch at Via Napali and check out the country.
3rd - Germany check it out and get a snack.
4th - Japan - check it out get a snack and pearl

12/23 - MK tour from opening til 11:30 then go to Epcot and tour 4 countries
Lunch at Le Cellier. We will tour 4 countries with a few stops to see some of the Holiday special events in other countries.
1st - United States - check out it and snack at Block & Hans then snack at Crepes de Chefs de France.
Then go to Future world to take in some a few things, then back to World Showcase.
2nd - Marocco
3rd - Canada
4th - United Kingdom
Go check out a few shows in Future World and return to World Showcase
Dinner at Chefs de France and then Illuminations.

12/24 - Epcot all day. 3 Counties,
8:05 breakfast at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, then do FEA and meet Anna and Elsa. Future World til 12:00
1st - China
Lunch - Akershus (with Candle Light Processional for 6:45pm)
2nd- Mexico
3rd - Norway
Then we will go snack at different countries we want
6:45pm - Candle Light Processional
Dinner at Monsieur Paul

We plan on seeing a number of the Holidays around the World. I have used the touring plan to help figure out what to see and when to go. Even in going to all 11 countries, it will not be as in depth as it could.

I hope that this helps