Epcot day in June should I change it?

The week in June we are going Epcot is mostly a crowd level 5 except for the day we picked which is a 7. Wondering if i should swap it with our rest day or not worry about it. I’m traveling with sleeping beauty so we won’t get there until the afternoon. It is a Monday that is showing up as busier than other days.

I am going to post an unpopular opinion: ignore the crowd calendars. They could change again and at that point it might be too late to change. A good plan works with any crowd.

Edited to add that I too am going to EP on arrival day, after opening, in June. It is now a 7.


All of June is showing 6’s Saturdays and Sundays, 7’s Mondays. and 5’s for all the weekdays. I looked at historical trends and don’t see that Monday is the highest consistently. Overall, Mondays and Tuesdays have been slightly higher than the rest of the weekdays. But actual wait time differences will probably be minimal, even from a 5 to a 7. I wouldn’t change my plans over it unless it is not inconvenient.


Thanks! That all makes total sense.

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If you enter at WS-IG it’s dead until afternoon and you can enjoy it, pics etc. w/ few others. Most ppl enter through main gates.


I have never done that before. Where do you park if you go in through the IG?

We have done ADR at Ale/compass and parked at YC, Trattoria and parked at BW. MO can be done too at BW Bakery but they seem to be cracking down on MO. Last week I parked at HS peferred parking which is right next to Skyliner and took SL to IG for RD and that worked out well b/c I didn’t want to eat b4 going into the WS to snack around the world :wink:

Nice! We will be using the skyliner and that’s where you enter (I think😂)

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you are correct!

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Oh cool. Glad we are staying at YC then. :grin:

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Unpopular? With whom? I agree 100%.




The crowd levels for our trip just increased. I am not changing anything. I planned the best that I could, I have ADRs and we will manage.
One year, MK was supposed to be a CL2. But, when the day was over, it had been a 7. Things change.