Epcot crowd level jump April 7th

Hello, crowd levels jumped to a 9 on my day at Epcot on April 7th. I wonder if this has to do with the Star Wars marathon? I re-evaluated my plan and none of the wait times changed for the rides. I have a PPO akershus at 9 and plan to ride FEA right after. I was confident in my plan for the day but I’m worried about the crowd level being 9 now. Is this something I should be concerned about or not?

We are going that week as well. Noticed that Epcot is higher all week and HS is lower all week. Wondering what is going on at Epcot to increase the crowds?

I wouldn’t be. I was at Epcot on a CL 10 day during President’s Day weekend - and it was fine. The touring plan helped me get through the day with minimal waits. The longest wait we had all day was our FP wait for Soarin’ (which always seems long) which was just under 20 minutes…

If you want to post your plan here, we can help and see if anything seems off…

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This is my plan for a half day. We have a full day at HS the day before so wanted to keep this one short. Can fit more stuff in when we go back at night if we want.

20 mins for soarin is not bad at all, I can deal with that!

That was with a FastPass, just to clarify… :slight_smile:

Oh shoot. Haha I don’t have a fastpass for soarin. We opted for test track.

It’s a lot of walking but I’d either book it to Soarin right after Frozen, or try to get a day of FP when they drop them (11:31, 1:31, and 3:31), depending on when your last FP is. I was able to get a Test Track FP at the 11:31 drop on my CL10 day, and there were Soarin FPs available at that time as well.

That’s a good idea, I’ll definiley try and look for a FP at the drop times!

My best advice for that is to get into the app a few minutes before. If you have good signal, use your cell instead of Disney wifi as Disney wifi is flaky…

Then go to add a FastPass, select your party and your park. When it brings up the list of attractions, just keep clicking on a time at the top to refresh the list until the attraction you want shows up. It should show up within a minute of the drop…

Also good for finding FPs during the day, you just.mau have to be more patient (sometimes refreshing for 5-10 min to get what you want …)

That’s really helpful, thanks @mikejs78!