Epcot countries

We have been fortunate enough to have spent time at WDW in the past and will soon be returning, my kids were really little in the past and we spent very little time in the countries other than the Perry adventure activities. What would you suggest to do in the Epcot countries.

Thank you!

What age are your kids / what are they (and you) interested in?

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Tween and teen. The oldest loves different countries and different experiences. The youngest is more likely to be bored by the countries (best guess). I think I read there is soda testing in one country? We saw the acrobats in China last time.

The museum in the Japan pavilion may be interesting to tweens and teens.

And, the classic Sip & Snack around the world. Eat and/or drink something from each country.


Thank you!

Make sure to check the times of the street shows.

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Definitely try to see as many of the shows or demos that you can

Thank you both! I will look into these.

The soda tasting is at Club Cool in Future World. Definitely go, but you won’t find it in World Showcase.

The ride in Mexico is fun if you missed it last time.

If kids (or you!) are into characters, you can find quite a few throughout world showcase as well - Belle in France, Milan in China…

Eating at one of the restaurants can be lots of fun. I loved getting to eat at the German restaurant and the Rose & Crown when I was a kid - felt very grown up and cultural. :grin:

Perfect, thank you!

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Don’t miss the movie in China. I loved it when I was young as well as when I was old(er). I did read they are planning to (or already did) update the movie for China. If they have, I can’t say if it is as good or not.

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Thank you! My oldest has been taking Chinese so visiting China is high on her Epcot list! We will check it out.

Not sure if you have boys or girls but the pick a pearl in Japan was very cool and big hit with my 6 amd 8 year old nieces. They kind of do a little show around it so it’s a whole experience.

Awesome, off to look that one up. Thank you!

DD 5 loved test track and figment and surprisingly seemed to really enjoy living with the land. My parents and I all love Soarin and I have to say we really enjoyed the German boy band that performed.

A German boy band, ha! That we will have to see. Thanks!

If you have girls that are big on jewelry, we plan to do Pick a Pearl in Japan each visit. The Passport book (purchase in Worldshowcase locations) and Kidscot craft stations (FREE) are also a big hit. DD8 loved learning how to speak other languages and had her name written in Chinese. DH and I would switch off browsing stores we didn’t all want to go in while DD8 was doing the Kidscot stations.

These are awesome, thank you!

I didn’t know you have to purchase the Passport book. Any idea how much they are?

They were $13 in 2017.

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