Epcot Confusion

Hi all - my 7 year old is really interested in geography AND science and we are planning to spend two days at Epcot. When I look at the Touring Plans, I see a “1 full day plus 1 afternoon” plan for kids, but it seems to go back and forth between World Showcase and Future World. Wouldn’t it make more sense to spend one day just doing the World Showcase and a second day doing Future World? What am I missing?

I haven’t looked at the plans you’re referring to, but splitting up Future World over two mornings gives you the chance to do two different Tier 1 rides at rope-drop. Plus, some people like to have more variety in their day, so rather than all attractions one day and all world culture the next, do a little of both each day.

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I think it might get a little monotonous doing all of world showcase in the same day. It’s a lot of restaurants, stores, and movies. So if I had two days at Epcot I’d rather split it left/right instead of front/back and mix a little of FW and WS in both days.


World Showcase doesn’t open until 11am. Its easier to do part of Future World in the morning and than go hit World Showcase. Also World Showcase is, I believe 1 mile around so it is a lot of walking. Another thing to take into consideration is that the shows in the different countries do not go in a specific order like starting in Canada and going around to Mexico (going to the right when you enter and then go all the way around) Or starting in Mexico and going around to Canada (Starting to the Left). On the left it goes Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy than America. From the right it goes Canada, United Kingdom, France, Morocco, Japan and than America.
Depending how much time you want to spend in each will help you decide what countries to spend more time in. Each country had interesting things to learn about it.
And the Touring Plans you are referring to are the ones that they have made up. You can create your own and add the attraction in Future World you want to do and also the countries you want and change the amount of time from 10 minutes to how ever long you think you will spend in each country. Since there are 11 countries, you will be doing 5 on one day and 6 on another.
In December, when Andrea and myself went, we spent 3 days in Epcot, and did 4, 4 and 3 countries. The main reason for this for us was the Holiday Around the World shows which unless you are going Thanksgiving to after Christmas, you won’t run into.
Another thing, even though he is really interested in Geography and Science, you will want to break it up, as these can be long, long days.
I do help this helps you in your planning.

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Agree with @davidjjenkins1961:

  1. WS doesn’t open until 11 am, leaving you hours free in the am.
  2. Nowhere to use FPP in WS (except FEA), so better to use them in Future World, three per day - and makes sense to make the most of FPP by using all three each day.
  3. Future world is very sciencey and geographyey and will provide a LOT of stimulation - better divided over two days to mix with the more sedate WS.
  4. WS can get long and boring, even for the most stalwart traveller, better divided and mixed with the more exciting FW.
  5. If you don’t like the pre-fab plan, created your own two-day personalized plan. I’d probably make it look something like:
    i) Day 1: Spaceship Earth, “right side” as entering the park - first The Seas pavilion and attractions, Character Spot for photos, then The Land and attractions (including Soarin’ FPP), then Imagination with Figment, then head into WS, either starting at Canada and working counter clockwise, or taking a boat across to the middle and working your way out.
    ii) Day 2: Left side as entering the park, for Test Track (RD), Ellen, Mission Space, FEA (FPP) and the rest of WS. Maybe save and FPP for Spaceship Earth on the way out since my kids always want to do it a second time and spend some serious time (like, an hour) exploring the games and exhibits in the exit area.

Wow! You all have given me a lot to think about! The FPP issue alone makes a lot of sense. Thanks!!

I did a personalized plan and here’s what I thought we’d do.

  1. Do Future World on our first afternoon. Do everything except Test Track on this day. Do FPP for Soarin’ on this day(and 2 other Tier 2’s) .
  2. On the full day at Epcot, arrive at RD. Have FPP for Frozen Ever After for around 10:00AM. At RD, head straight for Test Track (We’ll likely be doing rider swap since we also have a 2 yo). Afterwards, head to FEA. If it’s not yet 11, perhaps check on meeting Elsa & Anna.
  3. After rides are done, start touring WS.

This might not be the best plan, but I’d rather not be running back and forth so much.

My family (DH, DD10, me) did exactly what you’re considering during our winter break in 2015/16. The crowds were huge during our visit. Also, there was no FEA during our trip, so that might have changed things for us.

On one day we did rope drop till close in FW with a midday break, and then we wanted to sleep in bit for our second day in EP. We arrived at around 10AM and did two FPP rides in FW before heading into WS around 11. Then we spent all day, and meals, in WS, leaving once in the evening for another FPP ride in FW, and then returning to our circuit of the countries. This plan worked well for us.

When possible, I spend 2 full days at EP. I use RD and FPPs on both days to do FW in the AM, and then head over to WS around lunch time. If I can’t fit 2 full days in, I’ll use my full day to hit as much of FW as I can and then start on WS, and then hop in the afternoon on my second day to spend more time in WS. If I only have 1 day I’ll do a few attractions in FW (I don’t spend a lot of time in FW because it’s just too depressing for someone who remembers how awesome it was in the 80s and 90s) and spend most of my time in WS. IMHO, the best in-park food is in EP, so I try to get as many meals there as possible.

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I agree with the 2 days split as left/right side of the park. On your left side day, I would allow extra time after both test track and mission space for the games. These are separate areas that you walk through after you get off the ride. You can also enter them directly, for example with a child too small to ride. My kids loved these areas and spent at least 30 min at each.

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I know, right!?! I still have visions of trying to use those weird stick things to push assorted power plants around the floor to make sure my whole city had enough green power… My kids were so proud to get a high score of some arbitrary sort.