So many advise avoiding epcot on weekends due to this being when locals like to frequent this park. That being said, during our week in June, the crowd calendar looks great for Saturday and Sunday with estimated lower crowds than other days that week. This creates conflict for me and just didn’t know others thoughts on which bit of advice is better served…that it is busy and to avoid on weekends or go based on predicted crowd calendars:)

I think it really depends on your priorities. World Showcase is definitely packed on weekends and can feel very crowded just walking around. For rides though as long as you have a plan you should be ok either way.


I never look at the crowd calendar honestly. On our last trip I ended up being in Epcot 2 Saturday nights in a row during Food and Wine. It was fine.


I’m local and almost always go to the parks on Sundays. And EP is in rotation a lot more than others. The crowds are not that bad on Sundays.

When we do make it over on Saturday that is when we notice a big jump in crowds, especially at the food booths around WS.

The better advice would be to avoid Saturday (and possibly Friday nights, but we rarely go then)



Hmm - now I’m wondering if we should switch days. We have 2 days in EP. I love the WS. We would be leaving g before dinner on Saturday though during final weeks of F&G.


If there are food booths, I’ll try to avoid WS on Saturdays from about 2-3pm, onward.


I was in Epcot on a Saturday in May 2022 and a Saturday in October 2022. Despite the extra festival crowds, I chose Saturdays because (a) it worked well with our schedule and (b) based on history in 2022, there was better LL availability at Epcot on Saturdays (I don’t know if this is still the case).

Both Epcot visits were great and we got a lot done. Crowds were heavy in World Showcase starting at about 11:30 am.

In sum, I don’t think Saturday vs weekday at Epcot is a big deal either way.

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I think that is where the conflict for me comes…I would assume its not the rides and attractions impacted by weekend crowds but people in world showcase eating and drinking and crowds for night time display etc. Volumes of people are likely high on weekends but they likely aren’t tying up the attraction lines etc:) So many decisions:) Thanks for your input on this!

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