Epcot - Complete in 1 Day?

We are going in November, and the park hours are now 11-7pm. Is it possible to do the rides (Soarin, Nemo, Spaceship Earth, Mission Space, Test Track and Frozen) and still comfortably walk around the World Showcase all in 8 hours?

Touring plan says we can only do everything if we limit our time at each Country to 15 minutes. If Remy’s Adventure is open, this becomes impossible to complete per Touring Plan.

So was curious if anyone has went to Epcot recently with the shortened hours and lower crowds to see how likely it is to complete everything in 1 day.

I listen to Men Do Disney Podcast. They live in SC and just visited last week. The rode everything multiple times with no issues & a lot of WS areas are still closed. The only time anything had a line was FEA when a rain storm came past & everyone wanted to be indoors.

Ratatouille will not be opening in 2020 according to the latest rumors. Exterior construction in France came to a halt and is still not back up to 100%

If you really want to explore the pavilions of World Showcase, I think this will be a challenge in the 8 hour park day in addition to all of the rides. I’m heading down in two weeks, after park hours change, and will update after, but we are basically planning to spend the entire time in the World Showcase besides maybe a ride or two to start and end. If you wanted to see the movies in Canada, China, France & America, I think this would also be difficult just because of the length of each of them.

Now, if you are going on a weekday, and you want to focus on the rides and just walk around the showcase, with limited stops for food/drinks at the countries, I think it will be very doable.

So, I haven’t been since Covid, but we are not open to close park people… We usually roe drop and are ready to end the day by 5 PM or so. So close to that 8-9 hour day.
We’ve NEVER been able to complete Epcot in a single day. We usually do Future world and FEA on day one, and then the rest of the world showcase on day 2. After we see the countries, we sometimes go back to ride something in FW a second time.
We are not park commandos.

We were there in August and our Epcot day was about 8 hours. We arrived around 1:00 and I think it closed at 9:00. We walked around the entire WS, but didn’t spend tons of time in each country because it was too freaking hot. We did all the rides except TT and MS. We decided not to do MS, but TT we missed due to a storm. We had time to do it at the end of the day, but it was closed due to lightning and then rain. We did FEA twice and the Gran Fiesta ride twice. Spent a considerable time at the aquarium. Did not do the movie at the Land Pavilion. And there was Beauty and the Beast thing we didn’t do because we just missed it and didn’t want to wait for the next one. We didn’t do any TS dining. Instead we ate our away around the WS at the Food Festival booths. That was the highlight for sure!

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Great question, I am wondering too, I put everything we wanted to do and in my touring plans, I had to cut the time spent in each country. Eating Qs lunch and late dinner and no FEA. We are going in 2 weeks.

Yes and no.

Yes, you can breeze by everything, and see some things in detail. So, if you hit some highlights, you can do it. But there is a LOT at Epcot, and you’ll have to skip a ton. But, for example, the 15 minutes per country is really just as quick pass through. But if you want to ride the boat in Mexico, or see the movie in China, etc., you have to plan much more time. (Granted…the boat ride at Mexico was actually pretty much a walk-on for us, so maybe that’s not the best example.)

In my opinion easily.

We have no problem doing 4 of the 6 rides you listed and eat lunch and walk around World showcase stopping for 1 dessert and a drink or two in 4 hours.

Now there is a lot of little things to do that are fun. And you could easily spend 4 or 5 hours riding 1 ride and have a great time.


Ratatouille looks realy close to being finished, and if i was to guess construcion will be done by or in October.

But maybe they will keep it closed on purpose due to covid.
I am constantly checking on it, hoping they will announce a oppening date.

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It takes more CMs to train for a new attraction - Ops, Maintenance, Park Services, which means more costs. That’s something WDW is trying to cut (i.e. - reduced hours and shops / eatery remaining closed, refurbishments and new attractions being cut from EPOCT plans)

While the interior of the ride is about 95% done, the is still a lot to do outside. The speculation is it’ll be next year to draw people back in when they will, hopefully, be more apt to travel & add something to the 50th since other attractions - such as GotG and Tron are way behind now.


My TP plan still has it as an attraction for end of Nov. :pray::crossed_fingers: