Epcot Character Spot?

Anyone know if this is still the current situation at the Epcot character spot? The one that has FastPass…also, are the characters at this location the same as the Disney Visa character meet?

Epcot Character Spot - What characters:

That is where it was in late August/Early September 2017.

Visa at Epcot had Pluto and Minnie when we went. I don’t know who often characters change. Visa location had moved since the last time we were there.

Thanks, I’ll look into! So the FP location for characters was Mickey/Minnie/Goofy, not Baymax?

We did not do the FP this year so I don’t know. We did see Baymax and Joy/Sadness though. They are all in same area but different lines

There are (or were–check around) two Epcot Character Spots in late August/early September:

If you are entering the park they are to your RIGHT in Innoventions West across from each other next to the Starbucks; to the right of the fountains.

Mickey, Minnie and Goofy appear separately. This spot offers FPP and provides wait times. Try to secure a 3rd or 4th FPP. We had FPP on a CL 5 day and together it took only 10-15 min total. They sign autographs.

Across a small courtyard from that Character spot is the other Character Spot with two separate spots inside: One spot is for Baymax (obviously no autographs) and the other is Joy
and Sadness together. They sign autographs. There is no FPP for both of these separate spots and I believe no wait times but when we were there on a CL2 or CL3 day in early September
the Baymax wait was about 15 min (line was not long at all but moved slow; character took an approx 5 min wait) and the Joy/Sadness line was longer and very very slow–took 30-40 min (and they both took a break as well
during that time). Kids loved them all. Hope that helped!

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