Epcot character meet now tier 1?

I saw this somewhere else, said the change was just made this week, but haven’t confirmed it.

Just checked and yes it is a tier one along with FEA, Illuminations, TT and Soarin

Interesting. I was considering it as a more effective tier 2 next time instead of spaceship earth. There goes that idea…

On the bright side, because it is now a tier1, it should be much easier to get as a 4th FP.

Why? Far fewer people will get an FP for it, because they’ll want FEA or TT or Soarin. So there will be lots of FPs available each day to be booked, although there will probably be a lot of people looking by about 11:10am!


I also wonder if it will help get a tier 1 easier for the other rides as well. It spreads the demand a bit more so that those with young kids looking for their initial tier 1 will forego, say, Soarin’ and instead do the Character Greet. This means less initial demand for Soarin’, etc.

Of course, the other side of the coin is that it might just shorten standby lines for the Character greets because fewer people will get a FP.

Then again, it could make the standby line LONGER.

So many possibilities.


And it will probably be pretty light in the morning for standby.

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Which meet and greet is this? Is it Anna and Elsa or Mickey and Friends?

Mickey & Friends - they don’t offer a FP for Anna & Elsa

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