Epcot and World showcase hours

I am confused about the hours at epcot. Did they update them, it used to be the world showcase didnt open until 11 but now I am seeing that this may be open at rope drop with the rest of the park?

Norway and the bakery in France are open at RD (can’t verify AM EMH). The rest of WS opens at 11:00.

Is the whole showcase open to walk around or is there only one path to norway?

Only the paths to Norway and to France. The rest is roped off.

To clarify “open”… this means the attractions/stores are open. At RD you can walk from the IG past UK and Canada to get to FW, and you can walk past Mexico to get to Norway. Between Norway and France is closed off.

Is Mexico done serving breakfast now? I thought that the 3 Caballeros ride was open early as well…

Appears so. According to the WDW site, Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros now opens at 11 (it was indeed 9 for awhile this summer, to match FEA). None of the restaurants at Mexico serve breakfast now. The QS one, La Cantina de San Angel, opens at 10 for lunch.

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