Epcot after hours 2024

Hello! Has anyone done the Epcot after hours this year? We’re going to UOR at the end of May, and there is an Epcot AH event that we might do as it fits into our schedule. I’ve watched some YouTube reviews, and everyone seems to enjoy it, but I know with the size of the park we will not be able to ride everything. Thoughts?

We did it last year and really enjoyed it. It was a fun atmosphere, they had a DJ with music pumped in around the park, multiple rides on GOTG. We’ve now done MK, HS and EP after hours and EP was our favorite of all of them.


Can you go on GOTG over and over again?

There was no Virtual Queue when we went, don’t know if it’s changed. We got 3 GOTG rides in all during after hours - plus Test Track, Frozen and Ratatouille on the way out.