Epcot a "9" for this Tuesday June 7th?

Sorry if this is a dumb question as I am new here but any idea why Epcot is showing as a “9” this Tuesday June 7th? That number is way higher than the other parks that day or even all week, including all other Epcot days this week. We were planning to go to Epcot that day as part of a three-day trip but now considering swapping park dates. Thanks for any insight.

Not a dumb question. That does stand out, other people have raised the same question as you.

Simply put, the current crowd level predictions for 2022 are nearly an exact duplicate of the 2019 actual crowd levels.

Having said that, last Tuesday TP predicted a 6 at EP but it turned out to be an 8. So that 9 prediction may not be too far off.

Epcot was either a CL 7 or 8 all last week. There is really not much difference there in wait times. The other days that are predicted lower this coming week will probably end up being higher.


Thanks for the explanation. Just making sure there isn’t some big event going on that we weren’t aware of at Epcot only that day.

It makes sense that crowds would be higher than usual last week (and this week) due to Memorial Day Week, GOTG opening, and now summer break starting up. Just wasn’t sure why Epcot on Tuesday was the only park that week showing that high.



It’s really this simple. No other parks in 2019 were an 8 or 9 for the comparable week:

And even though the Extra Magic Hours used to be on Tuesdays, the previous Tuesday at EP (4th) ended up a CL5. :man_shrugging:

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Interesting…I guess we will see tomorrow when we go!

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TP haven’t updated CL for many months. These are old historic numbers. July 7 was on a weekend in 2019. That’s 5he only thing I can figure.

Yeah it’s strange. Last update was February.

I guess they’re just sticking with the copy and paste method from 2019 for this whole year.

MK and HS are exactly the same as 2019, but EP and AK are adjusted up 1 notch some days.

It’s a 9, yet I’m down here right now and was able to change my park day to Epcot on the 7th. TP is def not on point right now. I’ve been using the lines app but basically using the median of their time and the Disney posted times. They have been so amazing in past, I’m willing to stick around for years to come.

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With Special Olympics festivities and summer break in full swing, a 9 could make sense.

In WDW Chat you can get some current on the ground info as well.


Actual CL was 7


Thanks for the update. Sounds about right. We had a great day…got on Cosmic Rewind twice (VQ and ILL!)


I will echo UFnuts we were there and it felt like a 5 or a 6. Definitely not a 9. We were there the night before for EE hours and it was a madhouse. Huge difference from June 6 to 7. However, on June 6th because of stacking and BG1 I was able to get a LL for REMY and FEA back to back and then Guardians BG with SE to end the evening. This meant we did not try to do those rides on June 7. But did everything else with a lot of ease.

Have been really disappointed in TP for our last trip. May 26-June2. Wait times were WAY OFF. CL was way off. Unless they change something, I will probably not bother with them for my next trip. Every day we were there they were off IMO by 2 on every CL although they say differently.

Tuesday at Epcot turned out to be 1 level lower CL than Wednesday or Thursday. Here is the predicted vs actual CLs for all parks for the week:



TP has only been averaging 1.5 CL under-predicting, which isn’t terrible. Part of this has been due to ride down time, which has been way above average and out of TouringPlans’ control.

That maybe true. However, I have been tracking these dates since I booked my vacation last August and only once did the CL for last week (June 5-13) change since last August. This tells me that updates are not being made or at least not as regularly as they used to. The bigger issue is the “expected wait times” for rides is way off. As opposed to last year you can now trust the Disney wait times way more than TP.

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Correct. Usually 6 CC updates per year. There has only been 1 so far in 2022. They are sticking with 2019s numbers and nothing more.

Right, this revenge travel is still in effect and TP’s wait predictions are usually too low, especially for the headliners.