Epcot 40th merch

Will I still be able to find EPCOT 40th merch in EPCOT next month?
Specifically I want to pick up a pin as I have one from the 35th.

I do not recall seeing any when I was there in January. I was at the main pin store, but I was not looking for this specifically so may have missed it. Always worth a look!

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It doesn’t hurt to look. Especially for pins, I’d check the shop at the IG, the kiosk just up the hill from that same shop. Of course, Creations and the photo shops near SE have pins too but might get picked over sooner.

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I’m not sure about pins but some of the Epcot 40th items showed up at the Character Warehouse recently. I didn’t see it myself but there are some Youtubers who do merch vlogs. I was looking for a specific shirt and I’m hoping items are still around at the end of April.


You’d think they’d keep the stuff in Epcot for at least the year.

I’ve got it on my list. I like the pin stand that’s near spaceship earth.

Can anyone tell me where the stand is?
Is it behind spaceship earth (like if you’re facing the entrance to the park with the world showcase behind you)?

There was so much construction last time we were there I got a bit turned around at time.

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It is under space ship earth. If you are facing rhe entrance to the park it is on your left. Full store. LE pins are in the cases. Definitely ask, the CMS are usually knowledgeable since that is o e of the biggest pin locations.

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