Epcot - 2 hour touring plan

Dear everyone.

Arrival day should allow our family 2 hours in the park.
Any recommendations for FastPass+ & which attractions to add to a touring plan?

Friday 31st March 2017

  • 14:30 Arrive Orlando Airport
  • 16:00 ? Arrive Beach Club Resort
  • 18:00 Should be in Epcot.
  • 20:00 Illuminations Birthday Cruise check in.

We have a full day planned for Epcot later in the week.
Any hot tips for these two hours???

Two adults. Three children 14,12,10.

Do you check into your cruise at BC? I would be prepared to not make one or both FP but I would book two close together. Either Seas with Nemo, is Living with the Land tier 2, or the Short films first in case you do not make it and then Soarin second. I would plan on doing the first one towards the end of the window, the second at the beginning.

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Hi PrincipalTinnker.
Great advice thank you.
Yes, I believe the check in is at the Bay Side Marina at BC.
Great FastPass+ advice too. I will make a short list and see what is available when my 60 day window opens tomorrow.
Thank you

deleted… sorry, read your post wrong and my ideas wouldn’t have worked for you!

I would totally do Spaceship Earth from 5:15 - 6:15, MIssion: SPACE from 6:15 - 7:15; Test Track or Soarin from 7:15 - 8:15. The moment you’re in line for TT or Soarin, score a 4th FP for something else - maybe the other of TT or Soarin will be available! Also, after Mission SPACE, around 6:40pm, walk onto Living with the Land before it closes at 7pm. There’ll be almost no line.

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Thanks Brian

That’s a great use of the fastpass’s and the time available. Fabulous!!!

Thank you

Do you think you will be able to get through IG and to Spaceship Earth in 15 minutes? Be careful on your time at the end! You will need to go through the line- then the attraction and then walk through world showcase to be at your cruise by 8:00!

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If you have to check in at BC at 8:00, you’ll need to be leaving the IG NLT 7:45. If you will gruly not be getting there ubtil 6:00, with that little time in EP, if it was Me, I would just use it to do some WS exploring and save FW for your full day. Maybe try to get an FPP for FEA and catch one or two of the movies or AA. Are you planning on eating anywhere? Even at a TS you probably need to plan for 30 min.

Truth be told, unless I had an AP I probably wouldn’t even go into a park for only 2 hours (unless you need a park ticket for the cruise).


I would definitely make a tier 1 FP to make your other Epcot day that much easier. You might as well make 2 tier 2 FPs as well, and if the timing works out and you use them, great. If not, not. I wouldn’t cut it too tight though. maybe 5:30, 6:30, 7:30.

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