Epcot 2 day plan help

I would love some advice on how to break up our 2 days at Epcot. We have 3 kids (6, 9, & 14) and would like to minimize walking as we will be there in September. The second day will be later arrival (10:30am or so) and we want to eat at GG lunch one day and Cape May for a late breakfast the other.

Is it true that the only friendship boat in WS runs from Morocco to Cananda? I was planning to split the park in half left to right, but I’m wondering if front and then back is better. Then we could enter via the International Gateway the second day.

We will be there on a Friday during F&W. Does WS usually get kind of crazy on Friday afternoons or evenings? We aren’t interested in F&W. Maybe 2 mornings at WS would be better??

FEA will be our tier 1 FP both days. We aren’t interested in TT or MS and some of us may ride Soarin.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

I always split it east and west. So you have a mix of Future World and World Showcase each day.

Apart from anything else, a lot of stuff will be closing or moving around from September due to all the work going on in Future World. You could do The Seas and The Land one day and half of WS, and then do Spaceship Earth and the rest of WS the next. That day could be the one where you enter late via the IG, and start heading counter clockwise around WS when it opens at 11am. You could try and get FEA that day for say 2pm and Spaceship Sarth for late afternoon.

Thanks! So when you reach your stopping point in WS do you turn around and walk back the way you came? How long would you say a leisurely stroll around the world showcase (or half of the world showcase) with kids would take? I have only done it as an adult.

It depends. Are you literally just walking around the path?

Every pavilion has hidden areas, like gardens, quiet spots, shops obviously, museums / displays, architecture to look at. There’s the Kidcot stops for,younger ones or Agent P for older kids. Each Agent P adventure is contained within a pavilion.

Each pavilion could easily take 30-60 minutes without getting bored, unless you really have zero interest.

So day 1 if you started at the Main entrance, you could do round to Morocco maybe. Then hop on the boat back to the main entrance if that’s where you need to be.

On day 2 then start with Japan and finish up in Mexico, do Spaceship Earth and then either go out the main gate for a bus, or walk round to the Canada dock for a boat up to Morocco and back out the IG.

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IMHO - Future World, until 2021, is only a “half day” park. It has so little to offer due to construction / remodeling, especially if you don’t care about MS or TT, that you can do everything in that area quickly.

I’d do a half day of WS and then head over to FW in the late afternoon of day 1. Then I’d do a full day eating & drinking “Around the World” the next day. It will get busier on Friday evenings once the locals get off work and head to Epcot for F&W. It’s not insanely busy like MK can be some days, but you’ll notice more ppl after 5pm.

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The kiddos might get a bit bored spending too much time in WS. They should still have the Agent Worlds game, look into that. I’d focus more on the performances than the “country sit down movie things”. If you’re not doing TT and MS, that you could probably do most if not all of EP in one day. On your early day, I would start in the worlds, hit Agent P desk and head to MX, and work your way around and see how far you get. You may get all the way around to Seas and Spaceship Earth. There really isn’t much more to the “left” side of the park other than TT and MS. The late day, spend most of your time in FW, after hitting up any shows you missed or rides you want to do again in WS.

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Just got back from our trip and it was me and four kids (13, 8, 7 and 5). We did a PPO GG breakfast and knocked out FW East by noon. The only thing we didn’t experience in FW that day that may be on your list is SE but we didn’t need a FP for anything else we did. My intention had been to split WS into two afternoon touring days. We ended up skipping WS East because we all needed to rest but we did WS West over the course of 3 hours…stopping for lots of shows and snacks. Walked to America and turned around a went back. We did kind of jump walking there so it wasn’t just a straight walk back. Like, we did Mexico—>China->Italy—>America—>Germany—>Norway.

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Thanks all! Is there any benefit to doing FW in the morning vs afternoon? I was thinking maybe there would be less crowds in WS in the afternoon but FW would be about the same…

Generally World Showcase tends to fill up in the afternoon evening. I don’t know if there’s a big difference in World Showcase. I’ve been twice during F&W and have always found World Showcase to be busier in the afternoon evenings


This sounds like a good plan! So if we don’t get to all of WS on day 1 would you do it in the morning again on day 2 before hitting FW?

I actually find WS tricky. If your doing 2 days, this is how I would do it. Look at all the performances and attractions in WS and make a list of the ones you want to see. Chances are the times and countries wont line up with 1 “walk around the world”, lol. I try to group them by a couple countries (Group 1- MX, NWY, CH; Group 2- GRMY, IT, AA; Group 3- JP, MRO, FR; Group 4- UK & CDA). See what can be seen/ done together around the same time without spending more the 2-2.5 hours in a group minus FEA. If ur first day is to get there early and go to WS, have all morning times grouped together. I know this sounds complicated but its not too bad. Sometimes I use a mock touring plan and just select the countries in 1 group, add shows/ attractions and select minimal walking then optimize. This could help “group” things for u. Then, whatever you dont see on day 1, add to a day 2 plan. Dont worry about seeing every little thing. FW can really be done at anytime of the day. After 2, the crowds start coming in to WS, by 6 its usually peak time there.