EPA at IOA - can I take Hogwart's Express to UOR?

We’re planning to go to IOA on an EPA Day - 8am. Will the Hogwart’s Express be available so we can go straight to Diagon Alley and beat some of the crowd walking in?

The HE is only available during EPA when both parks offer EPA…which is very rare. (Holidays)

Check here for available attractions during EPA.

Side note. Rope dropping USF will always get you to DA faster than the HE from IOA.


You could EE Hogsmead for Hagrids, Journey and Hippogriff. Then take the Hogswarts Express to US right at 9. You’ll still be at Diagon Alley fairly early and get to ride Gringotts easily. It won’t be empty, but less crowded than 10am.


I’m actually trying this exact plan on Monday. I’ll keep track of timing for you and try to take pictures so you’ll get a good idea of what to expect with crowds/waits

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I’ve done this a few times. You’ll be “behind” versus those people that RD USF (“Universal Studio Florida” is the park name.) They use “Universal” for too much IMHO! It makes all the names sound alike!

The ride itself is about 5 minutes. However, they’re not going to leave right at 9am. They’re going to try to fill a train before departing.

However, if you really get to HE right as it opens then it’s still pretty good at getting you there about 9:20am - 9:30am. It’s still faster than walking.

I’ve done the walk from one WWOHP area in one park to the other. It takes me about 20- 25 minutes “walking with a purpose” and getting through the park entry. (sometimes though the HE gets a 50 - 70+ minute wait. I’d rather walk!!)

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This is our favorite way to tour in the mornings! Rope drop Hagrid’s (being towards the front of the pack), then ride Forbidden Journey and Flight of the Hippogriff, then queue for HE. There has always been a line starting already, but we’ve managed to get on the first train each time. This gets us to Diagon Alley in plenty of time to walk on to Gringotts, do some spells, and then sit down for breakfast at the Leaky Cauldron. Boom! All of the Harry Potter rides plus some extras before 10 AM.

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