EP to TL

What would be my quickest route.

Go to DTD or to a resort.

Heading about 2


I’m sorry I don’t know the answer. You might get a faster answer on chat. Are you at Epcot now? I guess it’s already after 2:00 in FL now, so maybe it’s already too late for your answer. Sorry if it is.

No not there now.

Just for my planning.

Walk to BW and take bus. Here is a link if you have more transportation questions. link here

Depending on when you go you may be in luck. I believe they are currently not doing buses from TL direct to hotels after 2 PM due to DTD construction; you connect through EP instead. So if it is after 2 you may be able to go direct from EP to TL.

I’ll look for the article about it when I’m not on my phone. Not sure how long that will be in place.

This is correct - the bus stop signs all state this now.

If you could find the article that would be great. still a little confused.

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Oh that’s handy. I’m coming from Epcot. Thanks.