EP - earliest time to ride FEA?

We have reservations at Akerhaus for 8:15am. We were planning to go straight to FEA after that. However, the hours posted show that the World Showcase doesn’t open until 11:00am. I know this is a stupid question, but does that mean we won’t be able to ride FEA until 11:00am?? Since there are restaurants open in World Showcase for breakfast, I wasn’t sure what is actually impacted by the 11:00 opening time. When I create a Touring Plan it shows riding FEA right after breakfast.

FEA opens at 9, so yes you will be able to ride after your breakfast.

We had an 8:05 for Akerhaus and when we finished we went straight to FEA without a FP+, not much of a wait. This was on 12/24. We went and did other things in Future World and then came back thru Norway on our way to China and the wait time for FEA was already at 90 minutes

FEA opens at 9? Is this for breakfast guest only? Is it open for everyone at 9? Maybe a dumb question but I assumed world showcase was roped off for regular guest until 11am?

FEA is open to all at 9 - doesn’t appear to be well-publicized but definitely ride it first!

Yes, open for everyone at 9.

Thanks Disney peeps! I appreciate the speedy responses! :european_castle: