Entry to Epcot from Boardwalk inn and dinner plans

Hi we are staying at the Boardwalk Inn for 4 nights.

  1. What entrance is best to enter if we are going to walk into Epcot and how long will this take.
  2. If we spend the late afternoon at the pool is it tough to walk back to The Studios to see the fireworks and how long will this take.
    3 Would you have dinner at the Boardwalk or Lake hotels such as Mays’s cafe or walk back in to Epcot to Princess Storybook Dining Dinner at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall? how long would this take?

Do you have children? When are you going? To walk to EP it will take you less than 10 minutes to walk. You enter through Knternational Gateway. At night it is a lovely walk- a little less than a mile? So even at a slower pace less than 20 minutes?

There are great restaurants in the Boardwalk area. I love Flying Fish and BlueZoo.

You will use international gateway for Epcot - as said above a 10-20 min walk, depending on your pace. In terms of going to HS then you could always take the boat - we stay at YC/BC and often take the boat to HS to see fireworks or F! In terms of the restaurant I guess it would depend on what you are looking for (characters, buffet, top quality food etc). All I would say is that you have a great choice between the Epcto resorts and Epcot itself - loads of choice that are ally close and easy to get to.