Entree recommendations for various restaurants

I haven’t been in 5 years, so I’m sure things have changed. Just wondering what entrees and/or desserts you have had and loved at these restaurants (or ones that weren’t very good)

Restaurant Marrakesh
Chefs de France
Sci Fi
Liberty Tree Tavern (lunch)
Coral Reef

The rest of our ADRs are for buffets/family style/dinner show, so we will be able to try several things.


The pot roast at LTT is amazing, and of course the ooey gooey toffee cake is divine.

Don’t order steak at Sci Fi. I should have known better, the sides were gorgeous but they are different now, and the steak was so bad. I’m probably the only person who has ever ordered it there :joy:

Coral Reef - the shrimp and grits (entree) and chocolate wave (dessert).

It’s been ages since I went to Chefs (and avoid it now as I have not heard great things about them and allergies - specifically gluten-free) or Prime Time (and I don’t go to Studios anymore (not worth it for 3 things and a meal) so I’m no help there.

Haven’t been to the others.

Has anyone had the lettuce wraps at sci-fi? That’s jumping out a me as it’s healthy but not sure how’ll they’ll be there.