Entertainment in Germany

I am trying to put a plan together for September 9th in the world showcase we want to watch some of the shows in the various countries. When I go to add an attraction/shows parades and diversions there are choices for 5 shows around Germany: Groovin Alps, Margret Almer and the Bavarian Band, Durch & Durch, Delta Queen, and Octoberfest Musikanten some of them occur at the same time and some overlap times. Is this a mistake or are their various places in Germany where the perform. Are some performances in the restaurant so that you need a dining reservations?

I think that some of these no longer perform but I cannot find definitive information. I will keep looking. We saw Margaret Almer over 2 years ago and I thought she is gone. There is a little show chalet to the left of the pavilion that she played at.

The Oktoberfest Musikanten are the dinner show that is in Biergarten so you do need to have an ADR to see that show. (One of our favorites!)

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This is from about a year and a half ago. Sounds like Groovin’ Alps are gone.

German pop-rock band Durch & Durch are coming soon to Epcot’s Germany pavilion.

The new act is set to appear Fridays through Tuesdays from March 30 2018. Groovin’ Alps, the current act, will have its last performance on March 27.

The only act listed currently, per WDW Times Guide, is Margret Almer and The Bavarian Band. You can keep an eye on the Times Guides on this web site: https://www.orlandoparksnews.com/p/weekly-walt-disney-world-times-guides.html .

Looking at a Times Guide from Sept 2018, Germany had only one band listed (Groovin’ Alps). My guess is even though it’s during F&W, they still just have one band.

thanks all this was very helpful