Entering security with open coffee/beverages

When you take the buses from the resort, as well as when you go through security at UOR, are you allowed to take an open cup of say coffee or soda? (Open, meaning not a sealed bottle or something with a cap, etc.). Wondering if, for example, we get something from Starbucks at the hotel if we can bring it into Citywalk.


Food & beverages aren’t allowed on the bus. I didn’t test enforcement.

No problem bringing in a Starbucks beverage from a walking path hotel through Citywalk security or from Citywalk scanning into the parks, however.

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The only exception to open containers would be on HHN. Security will not allow you to carry liquid in (even water in my experience).


DH always carries his coffee from RPR through security and into Citywalk and then the parks.

Yup. Outside of HHN they allow it, but during HHN they stop all liquids in any amount (even in sealed containers) after about 2 or 3ish in the afternoon.

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I know food and drinks are allowed on the buses from CW to the hotel at the end of the day. I’d be surprised if it was different in the morning. I’d say have a lid on your cup and be discreet if you have any open food.

Although security could enforce the drink policy if they wanted to, it would be rare if they wouldn’t allow your morning coffee in.

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Thanks, all. On the days we plan early entry, we really were hoping we could take care of caffeine needs as we left the hotel (Dockside Inn). Getting coffee at the Starbucks inside Citywalk is such a time waster.

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I usually get coffee at Cabana Bay, but then I usually finish it before getting on the bus.

They only start enforcing no outside beverages around 3pm or so.

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My niece and I were walking from RPR to the parks a few months ago. We were just about to security when this family with 2 strollers and 3 sets of adults quickly rushed by us to get to security ahead of us. I was annoyed when we just had to send through a quick backpack and be on our way, but whatever. We stood there and waited as they go through the 2 strollers and put their multiple bags through the machine….only to have them stopped. The security guard starts pulling out alcoholic beverage after alcoholic beverage. They were informed that they could not bring those into the park. One dad volunteered to run it back to the hotel….but security said that once it went through they had to confiscate it. It was probably around 15 cans and a few bottles.

As they sat there arguing, we sent our backpacks through, walked through the metal detectors with our Starbucks and went on our way….