Enough with this ROL dining package delay already!

I can’t take it anymore!!! I’ve been looking every day, sometimes twice a day for November dates to open. Did they forget or do they like to make me nuts!!! Maybe I should just say heck with it and go with the flow or skip the show . Is it that good anyway?

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It seems as if people love it or do not care for it at all. I am in the “love it” camp.

You are not alone, I too have been checking every day for the first week of December to open. The Disney torture continues. I did enjoy the show, not necessarily a “must do” again, but we are traveling in a group of 11, none have seen it so we have to get there. Also looking to see if Highway in the Sky moves forward.

Keep the faith…and just keep checking each morning. It’ll happen.

Same!!! I’ll post if I see it! October packages opened 6/19 so they are behind :confused:

SAME. And with the Star Wars Dessert Party, too - they released the time for November 4, but still no party :frowning:

I’ve tried to switch my thought process on this because I, too, have been so frustrated about not ROL Dining Package for November. I’m have crafted a narrative in my head that the reason why they are waiting to release the dining package is because they want to make sure that they extend park hours to the late evening on more days in November and give us more opportunities to experience Pandora and ROL. What a great positive spin that is, huh?!? :grinning:

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I’m with you all. Waiting in ROL, Star Wars and Frozen Dessert party dates/times for first week of Dec. Frustrating!

There’s always dining and show reservations available right upro the week you can staying aren’t there?

These aren’t tickets that tend to sell out are they?

I booked mine a couple of days before for tiffins for example having swapped from tusker house

They may not be released yet but im sure they will be available at some stage

This isn’t like needing to book early for FOP fastpasses?

Just a heads up, Star Wars isn’t showing the first week in December. It’s being replaced by Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam until I think 15th December (when they start showing both).

There will be a JBJB Desert Party though instead.

Nice to know I’m in good company!

They are usually available but I need to.know the times and dates to plan which parks I’ll be in non which evenings!

Depends when you’re going. Usually they do get pretty short supply, which is why people get annoyed not being able to book them when they make ADRs.

You can sometimes get them late on, but that’s usually a matter of luck. I strongly recommend you book them as soon as you can. There are always lots of people looking for them. And a common misconception seems to be that if you have a dining reservation at the right time at one of the restaurants, you can switch it to a dining package. They are totally different bookings, not interchangeable.

I’ve been checking for ROL package for a month now, they need to hurry up with November dates!

SW party dates opened up Nov 1-8! * happy dance *

Daylight Savings Time is Nov 5…maybe the time/daylight change is the hold up. I don’t see why since it gets darker earlier but who knows!