Endless Summer to Royal Pacific - early morning resort switch

Hi all,

We have just booked our flights and it was a lot cheaper to fly out a day earlier than we have booked for RPR-CL.

So my plan is to add on a night at Endless Summer - as we’re from the UK so first morning in the US we’re always awake at like 3/4am with the jet lag. So I figure ES works great as we have the 24h Walgreens right there so we can get our sunscreen for the trip and stock up on all the American treats we cant get in the UK. And still make Early Entry!

Would love to know if there’s a better option to then move over to RPR than our current plan which is Lyft/Uber as we will have 4 big suitcases.

Also - I’m guessing we’ll be sweating and exhausted long before 3pm check in - anyone know if we’ll be able to access the club lounge before our room is ready please?

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I don’t know about club level, although like most amenities, I would assume you would be eligible for the full day of your checkin and checkout.

As for getting between ES and RPR, I would go with Uber/Lyft. For such a short drive that would give you the most flexibility for the cheapest price.

(You can’t use the regular UOR shuttle with luggage but there might be another option offered by UOR, but I’m not aware of it.)


The lounge is open continuously from 7 AM to 9:30 PM. The latest updates I’ve read say afternoon snacks are served from 12-3 PM.

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Thank you both :slight_smile: really appreciate your replies. Universal Hotels are totally new to us - always been onsite at WDW so looking forward to new experiences.