End of June vs. end of July

I have reservations for the end of June 2018. Reasons have come up that make me think a change to the end of July 2018 may be in order. Any reason why changing to July would severely impact our visit vs. June? Are the crowds so much more bigger or the weather so much hotter, rainy, etc. that we should stick with end of June and not change to end of July? By switching to July, we could save approximately $300. Worth the change for all the other reasons (crowds, weather, etc.)? Thanks for the input!

It is funny but the last couple of years people have been surprised by lower crowds in July.

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I can’t speak to the end of the months but two years ago we went early June and last year we went early July. Both were great. Crowds weren’t noticeably different on the whole and weather was actually better in July. Steaming hot both times but more rain in June.