End of January meetup

Hello there, on Lines some folks were talking about making a meet-up. There seems to be a lot of people going to MK on Friday January 29th. So I’m proposing a meet up for 2 pm at Carousel of Progress. My thoughts are…1) if it’s raining it’ll be a good place to hide from the rain, 2) if it’s warm it’s air conditioned and 3) if anyone is tired they can take a nap. HAHAHA, so weigh in on what you think. @KMG365 @joestephellibryce @JoyfulNerd @rachaelmac22 @snowdiz @caramerson

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Count me in!

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Thanks for tagging me, but we’re only in WDW until the 24th. Wish I could be there. :slight_smile:

Tagging @ndnarchitect @RhaevynFae @kl_clark5 @kellieann5
And I’m in! My TP puts me at MILF around that time, so…perfect!

Woohoo, This is awesome!!!

Too bad! Would love to meet you!

Awww, I’m sorry we’ll miss you! Don’t let it affect your trip too much :wink:

:frowning: I will be on the ultimate day od thrills tour then…Maybe we will bump into one another somewhere else :smile:

I’m this week so I’ll miss the meet! Have fun! Hoping to run into some liners this thurs/fri!!

Liner meetups are like trips to WDW. if you miss one this time it just adds to your list of things you want to do for the next trip, RIGHT?


Absolutely!!! Have a great time!!

We’re scheduled to be in EPCOT that day and have the Frozen Sing-Along booked (FP). Ugh! Well, who knows things might change…

I think @Niter is supposed to be around the world on 1/30…

I’m going to be at Disney World 29-31 and be at Epcot on Friday and Saturday and MK on Sunday if anyone would like to come say hi! I love everyone on line and would love to meet anyone I can!

Thanks Crissy for organizing, but we’re at AK that day.

Sounds like a great idea! I’m not sure of plans for that day yet, but I’ll be there if I can. Sounds like it will be a beautiful day!

I’ll be at Epcot on Saturday and MK on Sunday too. Let’s try to meet up and say “Hi!”

Yeah! Anytime you want to. Epcot would probably be the best time but if you just see me you can say hi! I’ll have to actually change my profile picture to myself so people know what I look like first…

It’s been a while @MinnieWinnie since we met at COP, but wanted to say it was a pleasure to meet you and I hope your solo trip was awesome.

HI! I enjoyed meeting you and your wonderful family as well!