End January 2022 trip - should we still go?

I’m sorry there’s some sisterly strife there. I think you both did the right thing though to keep yourselves and everyone else safe. The only alternative I could see is she got her own room and quarantined in Orlando for 5 days and then flew home.


Probably this. A drive that long would make most people angry. lol

I’m assuming she is saying she would have preferred you to drive with her?

You know what they say - misery loves company.


In my case, coming from Canada, we have no choice, if we test + (PCR) - we cannot fly home for 11 days from test date. We got insurance to cover this scenario (including medical) and will just wait out isolation/quarantine period in Orlando. (Darn, we can’t fly home to winter…I can say we really would not be sad, but I still do not want Covid)

Assuming I test negative on Antigen Test next Friday morning, will be heading to Orlando for 2 weeks.


Well, she hasn’t said as much but she sure has been kind of “not warm” at all. It just feels icky.


And if you haven’t tested, then you can attest…


Actually, yes, that’s what United did on the website/app at least.

Ha, United’s list covers those scenarios - no symptoms, no positive test, and not waiting for results of a test either.


I’m no lawyer but I’d love to see a pop up on an app hold up in court.

You made the right decision, the only thing I questioned when reading your trip report was why she didn’t get a hotel room and hang out for 5 days and then fly home- this would have been my preference. (Of course I often drive to Disney from Philly, all 16hours of it) and know it can be not so fun. Especially after missing a marathon that she trained for.

I think it might be best if you have the Hakuna Matata mindset and let the drama cool down for a bit.


Am thinking it could be more of a CYA defense from the airline (i.e. if the airline got sued, at least they tried to take “some” measures?) - not that the airline itself would actively go after passengers.

Your statement did make me mildly curious to look at the enforceability of “clickwrap” agreements in general - was surprised to find that if structured correctly and proper records are kept, apparently they can be.

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I think there is an easier solution. 5 years on the FAA no-fly list, publicized widely, might make people think twice. Pretty hard to fight, no need to take them to court.


Planning Jan 18-23. We have all been keeping a pretty low profile the last couple of weeks to lower chances of getting infected prior to the trip. Knock on wood.

Our family has varying levels of concern. From barely leaving the house to not caring at all. We are in the middle. All attending are vaxed. Some driving. We are flying direct.

At this point we are no longer willing to put all travel on hold. We last went in 2018 to WDW. The kids are now 3-4 years older, and I think there is a limited window that they will enjoy it in the same way as I hope they will now. Maybe they will when older, but they are still pretty little now, and it I think each age is a different experience.

Just basically hoping that if we get it, we will have enjoyed the trip first. It seems like the longer this goes on, the higher the chance of getting it in general. And the higher the cost of indefinitely postponing plans. But we know there is a risk that we will all come down with it and be miserable in the hotel, a complete disaster. Just vax, mask, and hope for the best. Life is full of risk/reward decisions. And at least we tried, right?


I’ve been three times since I was vaccinated. June 2021, December 2021 and just got back two days ago. I will say this most recent trip I NEVER saw someone in line or inside without a mask on. In June hardly anyone was wearing a mask, and in early December there were lots of people only putting on masks when cast members told them to. I felt VERY safe this past trip. Almost 100% mask compliance. Not that cloth masks nec. help with the omicron, but if you are wearing a KN95 then you should be good. There are so many great places to eat outside. Oh, and I was on four flights this past trip and every single one was early! January seems to be a good month for air travel so far. I would go if I were you!

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That is good to read. 1 more week before I hopefully test negative on antigen and can get on a plane! (I’ll be the one hopefully packing on Friday after the test) … this is my fourth pandemic trip to WDW, and the first I have actually been concerned about :crazy_face: (Only because I know so many that have tested positive lately, the latest being my massage therapist I was supposed to see Sunday. At least I have not been physically in the presence of these people testing +)


Exhibit A for being fully vaxxed and boosted and getting it. BUT it was really mild - just some congestion, a LOT of fatigue, and one day a really bad headache. Minimal cough - it never got into my lungs which is what indicates I had omicron.

So it may reduce likelihood, but if you’re one of the ones who gets a breakthrough it does increase the probability that it is mild.

eta: I did not get it at Disney. My theory is I got it in the Nashville airport or on the plane between Nashville and NYC. Or an outside chance the idiot and inconsiderate family behind me at the Nutcracker that refused to wear their masks once they passed the ticket scanners - or rather they chose not to and whoever the inside usher for our area was did not enforce it, which they’re supposed to. (I mentioned it to my dad - who was scanning tickets - and he did let their manager know where I was and that no one said anything to the family behind me about them so that could be addressed.) Given that my parents have shown NO signs, I’m leaning towards the airport/airplane.


For the record, we completed the Jan18-23 trip successfully without anyone getting COVID. We’re home now, and so far no symptoms. Hope others have the same luck.

Masks indoors were basically 100%. Outdoors (optional) maybe 25% in crowds. We generally masked when in close-quarters crowds outdoors, but not always. Really got sick of wearing that thing. It was a relief to finally get in the car after getting off the plane.


We went to DLR Jan 1-3, and 1 day at Universal on Dec. 31st. My husband and I are Moderna x3, my 6 year had just reached full vaccination as of the 23rd, but my 12 year old was vaccinated in June/July snd boosters for him had not been approved pre trip. Only after I got home did I do the research on vaccine protection again at Omicron. Turns out: at 6 months out, my 12 year old was only 10% protected.!! The rest of us were at 75% b/c we were still in those early high protection weeks post full vaccination or boost.

We are ardent maskers…snd still, while we were rope dropping Spidey in DCA, we just looked at each other and said: if this isn’t a super spreader moment I don’t know what is! You don’t have to wear masks outside (except at Universal as LA county mask laws are super stringent) and only about 1/4 of folks do. 100% compliance indoors.

we arrived home on a Monday and sure enough on Thursday my 12 year old came down with classic covid systems and was pretty darn sick to boot. We had to keep him out of school and then find that elusive covid appt, which was a ridiculously hard exercise. Test results were in the 3-5 day expected range. Really? 5 days??!! And then On Saturday I got sick. Again, another scramble to get tested.

Faced with my 12 year old missing school merely b/c of delayed test results I got him tested again thru our children’s hospital which required a telehealth appt with his pediatrician and a referral (I’m on a high deductible plan so I will get a bill for both) but which had guaranteed 24 hour results.

And…both his tests came back negative on Sunday night, and mine too came back on Wednesday, also negative.

Were we healthy? No. Pretty sick actually. Obviously just a nasty cold virus.

Did my 12 year old dodge a bullet not having to miss school for a week? Absolutely.

Were we lucky that our school changed its policies and allowed our vaccinated 6 year old to attend school (as long as no symptoms) otherwise he too would have been out of school? Yes.

Was it a MAJOR pain to run down PCR testing (which our school requires)? yes. It took hours to figure out snd I ended up driving my son 1.5 hour round trip to a testing site as that was only reasonable slot available.

Was I feeling like a bad Mom for thinking I walked my 12 year old into Covid by taking him to Disney at the peak of the omicron wave? Yes.

Could it have been majorly disruptive to both my kid’s schooling? Yes.

If I could go back in time, would I have postponed our trip to avoid the omicron peak? Yes.

We had an amazing time. And obviously my kids could pick up covid anywhere.

But, Disney isn’t going anywhere so you have to do your own calculations on risk and impacts to other parts of your life (ie. can’t go to school or work (if you don’t work from home), can’t get on a plane (if you have a long trip and get it before you get home).

And timing is everything. A few weeks before snd a few weeks after would have put us either ahead of the wave or on the other side of the wave. We were right smack dab at the peak!!!

In the end, I feel very lucky, especially as I know so many people who got omicron and the covid fog was real, and the disruption to their lives wasn’t small.

You have to get on with your lives…and that was our thought when planning (when omicron was something in S Africa!).

Just map out the impacts to your life if you get it and as long as you are ok with those impacts, then go for it. Go with eyes wide open though.