Enchantment at the Top

A new paid-for event at TOTWL on Friday evenings.

Essentially it’s a dessert party, with a higher price tag than Wicked Wind Down but lower than the dessert parties in MK.

Eligible Disney Vacation Club Members will enjoy a sweet celebration at Top of the World Lounge – A Villains Lair. The Enchantment at the Top Dessert Party features a dessert buffet, an assortment of adult beverage offerings (for Guests 21 and older), exclusive lounge access and reserved fireworks viewing from the top of Bay Lake Tower.
The offering is available on Friday nights beginning November 18, 2022, with reservations accepted up to 60 days in advance. Check-in starts 1 hour 30 minutes prior to the published fireworks time for Magic Kingdom park.

Enchantment at the Top Dessert Party is $89.00 per adult, plus tax and $49.00 per child, plus tax.

Make Reservations
Eligible Members with access to Membership Extras can book this special experience when using their Membership to stay at a Disney-owned-and-operated hotel at Walt Disney World Resort.
Call Member Services at (800) 800-9800 to book. Reservations are available most Friday nights up to 60 days in advance.
As part of this experience, Members have access to a reserved table inside the lounge on the day of their reservation, a dessert buffet and an open bar for Guests 21 years of age and older.

Know Before You Go
Fireworks are not guaranteed as part of this experience; on rare occasions, evening fireworks may be rescheduled or cancelled. Please refer to the entertainment schedule to confirm showtimes 2 weeks prior to your reservation, and check again on the day of your reservation.

Link: https://disneyvacationclub.disney.go…e-world-lounge

Hard pass

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It’s an open bar. They’d lose money on me.


I knew I liked you.

Yeah not me.

And anyway I’m balking at this based on the continued monetization of everything anymore

It’s gross

And I’m in a mood

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It’s bad that my first thought was that this was a “deal” because the regular Celebration at the Top is $160 freaking bucks per person!

That is also a hard pass.

There are so many better places to spend my time and money - on MY terms - in WDW.

Just remember that Chapek said (as the voice of the Executives) that the price hikes will continue until people stop paying… It’s in our hands by now.

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Oh I am not paying for either! (And I don’t think I even qualify for this…) But DSis REALLY wants Cali Grill and I’m also unwilling to do the blah prix fixe menu right now. I think the current plan is to beg/borrow/steal for 3 seats at the bar late-ish on a party night.

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I thought the other event could only be booked if you were staying a a DVC resort on points?

I guess it doesn’t say that now?

I think it did say that. But I don’t think that was enforced, as long as you were staying onsite. There are too many reports of people being allowed to book it whilst staying at POP, for example.

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I just checked the website and it seems to now say you just need to be on-site. When it first came out I considered doing it my first night in December. Then I realized I was staying in a regular room and I didn’t qualify to book it (I could just try to get in after the fireworks?). Now, it seems like I could go but I made other plans.

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Yeah- I don’t like the wording - “using their membership” what does that mean? If I use MS to book a discounted cash DVC stay I am good? Use my points for All stars?

I have an Oct u/y it’s Nov 2 and I am out of points till 10/2023…am I out if I book CRO or gasp AP discount?

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Using your membership means booking through DVC. Points or cash (discounted if not).

If they say “staying on points” it suggests those on a DVC cash stay are excluded, although they rarely are.

“On your membership” actually clarifies things. It means anything booked via Member Services or on the DVC website.

So a cash stay not booked through DVC would not qualify?

Depends on what the criteria are. I’ve lost track now!

But if it says “on your membership” then no, a cash stay anywhere booked through CRO wouldn’t qualify.

Whether that would be enforced I don’t know.

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