Enchanted Tales with Belle is awesome

So normally I don’t post about specific attractions. Personally I found 7 dwarfs mine train - VERY overrated. However Enchanted Tales with Belle was a different story. We did wait a bit (30 minutes). I had a general understanding of what was going to happen and we all reluctantly entered the queue. After 15 minutes we decided that we were going to see it through and really didn’t care what was on the other side of the door.

All I have to say is - it is VERY well done. No - it is not a ride, no it is not exciting, no it is not really cutting edge technology. What it was - was 4 or 5 cast members to do a heck of an awesome job. It was charming and kind. It was 20 minutes where you could just relax a bit and hear a great story (that you already knew). The cast members were fantastic - they were all very energetic and played their roles very very well. Now they may all go out back and chain smoke between shows - but while on - they are on. The story tellers were enthusiastic and happy. Belle was very charming and sweet. She “made” the day of several kids (and a few adults I am sure).

The really nice thing was (SPOILER ALERT)

They gave out bookmarks to all the participating kids. Now I know it isn’t a high cost item - but it was just a great reminder and special memento. My daughter was Mrs Pots (the best Mrs Pots of the day I am sure) and I was one of the Guards. It was just a nice, relaxing, enjoyable experience with lots of photo opportunities. If you are looking for something a bit different - this is a great experience.


What I’m about to say is also a spoiler, so don’t read the rest if you care about such things…

When we entered, what turned out to be only the first, room I was thinking “this is really small. Where is Belle going to come in from?” Then what happened next was really surprising and very cool! I’m really glad we went in there. My daughter and I both were in it. I was kinda sad that I didn’t get to watch it as a spectator though. But getting my picture taken with Belle is always a plus! :smiley:


I know - no spoiler - but it is very cool what happens in the first room. It just happens and you don’t even notice it until it is done. They did this VERY well

We loved it!!! Pure magic and a fun immersion into such a beloved story.

The cherry on top for me was that when my son met with Belle after playing his part he got a kiss on the cheek from her which of course left it’s mark. SO adorable!

@davidtyost I’m absolutely sure she was the best Mrs. Potts there ever was! :blush:


It was great. A very pleasant surprise. YES @lolabear_la she was the best Mrs Potts ever. They should rename it “Enchanted Tales with Mrs Pots and so chick in a yellow dress”.


It sounds really cool…what do you think is the youngest age that would really enjoy it?

I think like anything - i think different ages like it at different levels. But there were little kids 2 or 3. I think the “beast” in our telling was 4 or 5.

I’m jealous! :smiley:


I always enjoyed the old ETWB, but the new version really went to another level.

I don’ think I saw the old version. The new one is just neat.

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It was held in the area where the Merida meet is.

I love ETWB and think they do an awesome job with it. I think it’s wonderful that they give a part to every child who wants one and every child gets a turn to meet with Belle at the end.

The only drawback I found to this attraction is that my daughter was chosen to play the Beast, and so I don’t think we’ll ever be able to go and re-do it because she’ll be very disappointed when someone else gets to play the part. (She’s high-functioning autistic - with a very loud roar - and has difficulty when things don’t always work the same way. Or as we say at home, “once makes a pattern”.)

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Yes! This M&G is spectacular. My kids are not interested in M&Gs with characters, but I wanted to do this one since I had read about it on Touring Plans. It is such a fantastic experience with its rooms, animatronics, theming, and the play. My kids even said, afterward, how cool it all was. Definitely go experience this one!

Agree this was a FABULOUS surprise for all of us, two girls ages 5 and 7, parents, and grandparents. Something totally different, completely charming and relaxing. It was right there on top of the favorite list when we all got home and recounted our adventures.

One of my all time fav Disney pics comes from Enchanted Tales with Belle!

My youngest had just turned 3 here…


I am now so excited! We have been looking for shows/experiences that we have not done before. This is the first I’ve heard of this experience.


its just a charming experience

Yes! We :heart: ETWB & do it every visit! My daughter was also Mrs. Potts last time and my son was the Beast two years ago, it’s so very well done!
Sorry for the teeny photo, I literally just grabbed it from my Instagram!