Enchanted Tales with Belle – For Adults?

My wife and I are going to WDW in March. This will be our first time back in five years, so we haven’t seen the NFL yet, and we’re pretty excited about it. I keep reading about how much everyone has enjoyed ETwB and how difficult it is to get in to this attraction. Plus BatB is my favorite Disney movie, so I am thinking of getting a FPP for it.

However, in looking into the attraction further, it seems as though it is really designed for children. My wife and I don’t have any children. :disappointed: Will we feel a bit out-of-place going to ETwB or is it something that adults without children can also enjoy?

The building is really neat but it is definitely designed for children. Kind of like going to a school kids presentation disguised as a meet and greet. Wouldn’t hurt to go without kids once though if you don’t have to wait a long time. I’ve seen it once though and would not go back through without a kid with me.

It is definitely designed for children, but I think you will enjoy it anyway. I went by myself a couple of years ago, and I thought it was really fun. The animatronics and special effects are quite good. That said, I will not do it again without kids. For adults going kid-free, I think it’s a one-and-done sort of attraction.

I would not recommend using a FPP on it. I went in the evening, right as the fireworks were about to start, and experienced it with a 20 minute wait. I thought that was pretty acceptable.

Thank you both, @mary1999 and @theredhead for your replies. This is very helpful. I think then we’ll plan on working it in one time - at least so we can have the experience and see what it’s all about. Maybe I’ll need to re-optimize my TP to see if it is placed at a better time so we can use our FPP for another attraction.

It’s worth seeing. I’ve been twice with just groups of adults, once with my sister when the attraction was new and again to show people who never saw it before. Beware, as an adult male, there’s a reasonable chance you’ll end up being chosen as a knight to be in the show!

Whatever the case, seeing the theming in the queue is great, the preshow is impressive, and the show itself is usually cute. I think you’ll enjoy!

DH and I went in September without kids and we enjoyed it. I agree though about the one and done thing.

(P.S. My family thinks it is weird that I have pictures of other people’s kids in my photobook! But I just tried to explain that that is how the attraction works!)

Thank you for all your comments. They certainly help to allay my concerns on doing ETwB.

I really appreciate the warning on the possibility of being chosen to be a knight in the show, @FlyerFan1973. I’ll be sure to put on my best knightly face or hide in a corner — depending on the mood I’m in at the time.

I’m glad to know that my DW and I are not the only adults who go to WDW without children. This reminded me of what Jim Gaffigan wrote in Dad Is Fat: “Now there are adults without children who go to Disney, and they are called weirdos. Very nice people. Absolutely crazy.” That description definitely fits us.

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I did it “just to have done it” so I could comment on it based on first-hand info, but it’s NOT something I ever plan on doing again. Wardrobe and Lumier are kind of cool AAs, and the “Mirror effect” at the beginning is nicely done, but otherwise it’s basically watching the kids do their thing. Not my thing.

For the special effects of the magic-mirror-door, it’s worth seeing just for that.
Having said that… I wonder if it’s possible to “opt out” of the rest after seeing that effect.
Also be aware that the “meet & greet” portion will probably (depending on the kid) have most 12 & over kids rolling their eyes. There’s a point where they’ll be “too cool” for it. My DD11 was right on the border, but felt really out of place in the show with all the little tots. (The tots will love it, BTW.)

The effects of the characters & the scenery during the M&G is stellar Disney.
But really, the show itself can make one cringe at times.

Worth doing once; try to sit in the back & not get noticed. :wink:

I’m really looking forward to seeing the effects that everyone has mentioned. As for the meet & greet with the little ones, I’m in my 40s so I’m not too cool for anything now. :grinning: It sounds like I definitely should visit this attraction at least once. Thanks.