Enchanted Tales Wait time Nov. 2017


I'm seeing wait times in the 4-5 minute range for Enchanted Tales with Belle at the end of November, even on Thanksgiving where the park is expected to be at an 8/10 crowd level. Think this is accurate or a glitch?


I would check again before you leave. I used several touring plans for my trip in early september and they were spot on! There is no such thing as over planning in Disney.


I don't know if it's a glitch or not, but even if there's no line, if you just miss the "show", you'll have a 20 minute wait.


I have noticed the same thing on my week-after-Thanksgiving trip. In the Unofficial Guide, it suggests this as an attraction needing a FP+, but every time I place it in a plan, it gives less than 10 minute wait.


@len, can you confirm if there has been some kind of change to this attraction that would drastically decrease the anticipated wait times?


I saw this mentioned elsewhere & turns out it was a glitch. They are working to update.


Thank you - I'll keep evaluating until I see a number that seems more appropriate.