Empty Nesters going .... AGAIN ?!

Had a great trip Sept 2019, low post hurricane crowds. Planned for next trip 2021 50th Celebration.

However – Just reserved a short mid-week stay in Jan 2020.
Great moderate room rate, low crowd level, MK after-hours, plus will try to hit the new Space 220 and ROTR at Galaxy Edge.

Disney - why do you make it so tempting to come back … AGAIN ?!


we are empty nesters too. miss trips when we had littles, but some of best times were just me and DH


I’d love to do this, but I really think my best shot at going back without the whole family is to go with DS 27, or by myself. DH can take-it-or-leave-it.

Although he surprised me because I planned a (sort of) last-minute trip to NYC for December, anticipating I’d have to go alone, but he wanted to come. So I guess you never know.


we go with our “adult” kids … early 20’s. Still a blast. Our next family trip is 2021 50th Celebration. “Adult” kids but we still foot most of the bill. haha


That’s what we did- ours are 20, 24, and 26. (The eldest gets to pay his own way next time). We had a blast, too! I did expect them to stay up a lot later so DH and I could just stroll around on our own or have a date night, but they didn’t. They liked hanging out with mom & dad. Go figure. :slightly_smiling_face: So I still would like to go without them, but we’d have to be sneaky about it.