EMMH and touring plans

I am planning a short July trip with my Son and nieces. Since we are limited on time, I have scheduled Early Morning Magic Hours for both MK and DHS. When I try to make plans for those days it asks if we are attending those events and I chose yes. I am confused because the plans aren’t necessarily putting the attractions that are a part of those events in the timeframe of the event. Also, SDD and SDMT are showing 30 minute waits right at the beginning of the events. Is this correct? Are those attractions having those types of waits during the events even before the parks officially open?

Do the plans work for the events or should I just plan out the early time and try to make a plan after park opening for the other attractions that aren’t a part of those events?

Are you paying for EMM (early morning magic) or are you attending the free EMH (extra magic hour) for onsite guests?

I am paying for EMM.

Ok I was just making sure, the H was throwing me off. Don’t try to make a plan that includes the EMM, you don’t need one.

Everyone will rush straight to SDD or 7DMT, do something else first and then those. The character waits at TSL will get long quickly and stay long, so if you want to do those that should probably be your first stop. After that, everything should be short waits.

I’d start your plan with a pre RD meal at BOG/H&V so it knows you are already in the park - just a 10 minute meal at 8.50 or however you can make it work. Then it won’t account for you walking back from the park entrance, although it won’t be perfect.

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