EMM vs Day Guests

DH and I have an 8:10 PPO reservation on a morning that has EMM. I know we can enter the park as early as 7:45 for our ressie. We are hoping to get a mostly unobstructed picture in front of the castle before our reservation.

  1. Will Photopass photographers be out that early?

  2. At what time do they start letting regular day guests who don’t have a special reason to be in the park early onto Mainstreet when they have EMM?

Around 8ish, or just before. Just as a normal 9am opening.

So you might get lucky, but I wouldn’t count on it. I think the photographers will be there.

I’m not 100% sure if it’s still the same but when we were there in September in 2016 they had the photographers out early. My advice would be to keep walking and try to get one of them closer to the castle for a more clear picture. We found that most people got excited and stopped at the first photographer they saw so the ones closer to the castle got better pictures with less guests.

Also, make sure you are there earlier than you want to get in. There will usually be a line or crowd of people that are also being let in early since there are many other people with early reservations.

We were there for EMM last August and there were photopass photographers out that early. Between people with PPO reservations and those doing EMM, the castle view was not unobstructed (although much better than other times of the day).